Hair Transplants Melbourne FAQ

What exactly is a hair transplantation?

At Hair Transplants Melbourne we  move your hair follicles from one area of the scalp (the safe zone) to another area. The safe zone contains hair roots (follicles) that are not part of hair loss patterns and will regrow permanently when placed in another area. Another person cannot donate hair transplants, not even a family member because they would be rejected by the body’s immune system. As soon as the new follicles grow in their new location, they are healthy, normal and active and will continue to grow for the rest of your life. The re-located hair is your hair and grows totally as normal.

What is FUE?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction which is a type of hair transplanting where the removal of the grafts (groups of 1,2 or 3 hairs is performed by a tiny punch type instrument, gathering the grafts in their native groups of hairs, one graft at a time. It is more labour intensive , more costly but allows you to cut your hair down to a number 1 as there will be no line scar in the donor area.

What is FUT?

FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplant and is a type of hair transplanting where a strip method removal is utilised. A thin strip of scalp is removed and sewn together from around the back, this leaves a fine line scar in the area. Hair cuts after this type usually need to be a number 3 or more in that area which is about 3 cm above the tip of your ear. Most people do grow their hair this length in that area that is why this is a popular method chosen. The strip is then divided into Follicular Units i.e. grafts contain 1 to 3 hairs, thus getting very similar grafts as with the FUE method and they are planted as normal.

Where do the hair follicles come from?

Most of the time the donor area is at the sides or back of the head where the hair follicles have an entirely different genetic code and produce full-size hairs permanently. Even when these follicles are transplanted into a bald area, they preserve their hair growing qualities. This area is called the safe zone which can extend from just in front of the ear around to the other side of necessary for large transplants.

How are things different today, compared to transplants years ago?

Before 2004,  hair transplants were often unnatural  looking. This was because hairs were planted in plugs with about 15-20 hairs per plug. This created a doll’s-head appearance when the surrounding hair was lost subsequently. Today thanks to state-of-the-art technology with finer instruments and microscopes, grafts are just between one to 3 hairs and look healthy and natural. Hairline design is also now better, we make them with natural little ups and downs and not too straight. Its is almost impossible to detect a modern transplant and this is the artistry of the industry that Hair Transplants Melbourne is famous for thanks to Dr Paul Spano.

Does it take a long time?

Hair transplantation is a precise meticulous procedure and a team of very highly trained technicians and the surgeon is required. Most transplants take all or most of the day so we only book one person in at a time, allowing us the flexibility to make your day flow easily for you with lunch breaks and comfort breaks for you if required . We keep you entertained comfortable well fed and often laughing a little. We are all in it together there is music in the room and you can chat with the nurses and techs and Dr , we have many interesting and stimulating discussions.

How many grafts in one session?

With strip procedures or FUT, we can do up to 4000 grafts in one day, thats enough to cover a totally bald top. Common sizes are 1500-2300. With FUE, we can only do 1200 per day. We limit it to 1200 for a lot of reasons but we find if we rush and try and take more, the results are not as good. We would suggest caution for any clinics offering more that than in one day, the quality may not be there.

How many will I need?

It really depends on the area that needs to be covered. Some examples:

Crown only 600-800 grafts

Front corners only 1000-1200 grafts

Front to crown thinning 1500-2000 grafts

Front to crown with lots of hair loss 2000-2400 grafts

Top of head with little hair or patchy baldness 2500-3200 grafts

Totally bald 3200-4000 grafts

Remember one graft has on average 2 hairs in it.

Is there a particular thickness my hair can be transplanted to?

In short, its about 70% and that would take 2 procedures about 11 months apart. There ar clinics that state that they can recover up to 98%  and promise a full head of thick hair but  this isn’t true.

The good news is that 70% is more than enough to compensate for hair loss because people need to lose more than 25% anyway before they really notice it, so if we give them back 70% they are very happy, thats why it is so popular. Hair loss patients who visit Hair Transplants Melbourne for FUE or FUT are among the happiest patients in the field of cosmetic surgery.

How long does it take for my new hair to grow?

The hairs begin to grow at 3 months after being relocated by us. Between 4-6 months there is a large growth spurt so by 7 months about 70% is growing. It takes 12-14 months depending on your hair length for full growth.

While it is growing it looks totally natural, the hairs grow randomly and are all at different lengths so its like hair loss but in reverse.

When can I go back to work?

A lot of our patients go back to work the next day. If you have lost most of your hair then you my need a few days off unless you can wear a cap to work.  The skin is pink for a week or so but can be covered by surrounding hair, scarfs for women or caps.

Do I need any special care after this transplant?

The new grafts need to be protected for approximately ten days after the transplant. The scalp can be washed gently the day after the procedure. Hair Transplants Melbourne will give you a full list of do’s and dont’s. Basically, the grafts look after themselves, just no sport so you don’t knock them for a few weeks. Showing daily is advised, without rubbing the scalp , air-travel is ok the next day, other hair can be combed ok the next day. Its a lot simpler than people think.

Can I have more transplants down the road?

Yes. The average male with a balding pattern will have two lifetime transplants. It may be 1 but people like the results and want it thinker , thats human nature. Minimum time between strip methods is 10 months and FUE one day or week.


The alternatives to you having a hair transplant are:

  • Camouflage of the area with coloured powders, sprays, or tattoos that dye the skin.
  • Styling your hair to comb-over the thin area.
  • Clipping your hair down very short so the area of hair loss doesn’t stand out as much.
  • Wearing a wig or hair-piece or hair-system.
  • Doing nothing at all and tolerating the hair loss.