Quick Facts


  • Hair transplants work because only your safe hair roots (follicles) not prone to falling out are moved into the thinning zone.
  • The process: Have a consultation , decide on medication or transplant or both, have a transplant 3 weeks or so later if that suits, 4 months later the hair will grow, have significant growth in 7 months , enjoy the confidence.
  • Over 90% of the transplanted follicles survive and grow forever.
  • The new hair will grow just as it did on the sides and back from where it came, it can be cut, coloured, permed and styled normally. Its your healthy hair just relocated from one part of your scalp to another.
  • Genetics are the reason most people lose their hair, not medical conditions.
  • Safe medications can be used to slow down future hair loss and sometime regrow some hair.
  • No prolonged time off work is necessary in most cases, perhaps a day or so.
  • New eyebrow hair will need trimming fortnightly because it comes from your scalp.
  • People have hair transplants around the country every day.
  • Most people experience only mild discomfort during and for the first 2 weeks after.
  • The new hair starts growing 3-4 months after being transplanted, 70% of the hair is growing after 6 months and full growth takes 12 months.
  • While it is growing-in it looks totally natural.
  • Normal activities can be resumed after one week and contact sports after 4 weeks.
  • We get excellent growth and results in all patients.
  • All follow up is free for the first 12 months after the procedure.
  • Dr Paul Spano has had his own hair transplanted so you can see it up close and examine it for yourself if you wish.
  • Women lose their hair in differently to men but the transplant results are the same or better.




FUE is $9 per graft.

FUT (Strip) is a sliding scale see below. All prices include GST. NO Hidden Costs

600     $4510

800     $5830

1000    $7150

1200    $8250

1400    $9350

1600    $10450

1800    $11550

2000    $12650

2200    $13530

2400    $14410

2600    $15180

2800    $15840

3000    $16500

3200    $17000

3400    $17500

3600    $18000

4000    $18500