About Dr Spano

Dr Paul Spano lives in Melbourne and had been transplanting and treating hair loss since 2006. Working and lecturing as a Doctor in the Cosmetic Medical field since 1998 and appointed Medical Director of the Total Face Group an Australia-wide industry leading group of Cosmetic Clinics in 2015, Dr Spano has a wealth of knowledge about cosmetic improvement and the requirements for a balanced face and a youthful look. 

Dr Spano’s long history in the Cosmetic Medical industry at the highest level means he can be trusted and has great skill.

“The hairline is one of the most fundamental aspects of a balanced face because the human face is divided vertically into thirds. The upper third depends on the hairline for its border so this must be designed perfectly for a natural result.” Dr Spano. 

It is rare for a Hair Transplant Surgeon to be experienced in facial aesthetics as well as Dr Spano is, and this means precision , artistry and medical excellence for your transplant. 

Dr Spano began training in hair loss and hair transplants in the early 2000’s with the pioneer Dr Richard Shiell a world famous hair surgeon who began hair transplants in 1968.

“A lot has changed since the old days of plug grafts that looked like a pineapple forest on the head” says Dr Spano.

“Now we do hair transplants and there is no cutting no stitches no downtime no pain and people often return to work the next day, the results are so natural that even the hairdressers can’t tell “

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