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Hair Loss Treatment Men, When To Come In?

“As soon as you notice thinning hair come in right away because by the time you notice hair loss, 20% is gone already !!!!!”

We can stop your future hair loss by 70% with chemical-free light and micro-injected nutrition treatments and medication if you wish. Often we can grow your hair back also, especially at the top and crown.

Some men wait until the hairline has receded in the front corners, or the crown is gone and thats ok also because modern transplants are an excellent 100% guaranteed fix. Some come in with mild hair loss and some wait until most of it is gone because they have been to busy with life. As one of the top hair loss treatment for men choices, FUE transplant has No scalpel No stitches and No line scar running around your head. We also offer FUT for if necessary and the micro-suturing and bio-enhancement Liquid Gold and others means a minimal scar for your skin , hidden under a number 3 haircut. The FUE and FUT discussion is easy for me but sometimes difficult for patients.

If you need more than 4000 grafts in your lifetime then FUT will service you better with less overall scarring and a better quality result. FUE is good for those needing less than 4000 grafts over a lifetime. Take more than 4000 from the scalp donor with FUE and you get hair loss at the back and sides as well, meaning you will need to wear the hair longer there to cover that hair loss, or, you can keep the hair at a number 1 or 2 always to hide any thinning at the back. FUE (less than 4000 grafts in a lifetime, on average)gives you the ability to cut the hair at the back and sides very short e.g. Number 1 or 2, because any marks left behind are tiny.

So less than 4000 lifetime grafts then FUE is great. More than 4000 lifetime grafts and FUT may be best.

We at HTM do both FUE and FUT so we can give you all the options. Please take care when attending new clinics and franchises that only offer FUE, they can only offer one procedure so they will try and convince you that FUE is best which clearly isn’t the case for about 30% of men and most women.

When making this important life decision attend a clinic that gives you all the options.

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