Best Hair Loss Clinic In Melbourne ?

Is it Hair Transplants Melbourne ?
Is it Dr Paul Spano ?

Well I am Dr Paul Spano and I don’t know if there is a Best at anything really, especially when it comes to Doctors and especially when its an artistic process they perform . A hair transplant is a complex series of events and a co-ordinated process involving several people .

Each client has their own needs and specific hair characteristics. Have a team Les by the Surgeon who are dedicated to their craft and sensitive to the person having the procedure is most important .

For instance, after the procedure all of my patients have my direct personal mobile number to contact me whenever they have a question or concern that may not be raised in the after care instructions or if they just want to chat. I think a lot of Melbourne would agree that we have the best service and customer care, along with extensive experience and great technical ability .

A Hair Transplant is about 20% medicine and 80% ¬†artistry. The medicine is quite basic really, some sedation, some local anaesthetic , perhaps a skin excision and suturing. The main success of a hair transplant comes from creating the recipient sites at the correct density and angle suited to each person’s own hair characteristics to maximise the hair growth and cosmetic result. This is what we do at Hair Transplants Melbourne. Are we the best hair loss clinic in Melbourne ? Come in and see for yourself.¬†

You won’t be disappointed !

Dr Paul Spano


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