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How much does a hair transplant cost in Australia and Melbourne ? Visit the Quick Facts section of the website. 

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Top 3 Hair Transplant Facts: 

1/ It doesn’t hurt

2/ It grows normally and naturally

3/ It lasts forever

Best Hair Loss Clinic In Melbourne ?

Is it Hair Transplants Melbourne ?
Is it Dr Paul Spano ?

Well I am Dr Paul Spano and I don’t know if there is a Best at anything really, especially when it comes to Doctors and especially when its an artistic process they perform . A hair transplant is a complex series of events and a co-ordinated process involving several people .

Each client has their own needs and specific hair characteristics. Have a team Les by the Surgeon who are dedicated to their craft and sensitive to the person having the procedure is most important .

For instance, after the procedure all of my patients have my direct personal mobile number to contact me whenever they have a question or concern that may not be raised in the after care instructions or if they just want to chat. I think a lot of Melbourne would agree that we have the best service and customer care, along with extensive experience and great technical ability .

A Hair Transplant is about 20% medicine and 80%  artistry. The medicine is quite basic really, some sedation, some local anaesthetic , perhaps a skin excision and suturing. The main success of a hair transplant comes from creating the recipient sites at the correct density and angle suited to each person’s own hair characteristics to maximise the hair growth and cosmetic result. This is what we do at Hair Transplants Melbourne. Are we the best hair loss clinic in Melbourne ? Come in and see for yourself. 

You won’t be disappointed !

Dr Paul Spano

What is FUE ? Follicular Unit Extraction. This is one of the 2 methods for harvesting the safe hair follicles or roots from the back and sides of the head / scalp. As the name suggests one “follicular unit” is extracted at a time using a powered device specifically made to do this. I  (FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon Melbourne ) use the Cole device, regarded as the number one device in the world. “It’s the Ferrari of FUE machines”

FUE is slower and more expensive that strip or FUT but the healing is quicker and less painful and only tiny white dots are left scattered throughout the scalp and are very hard to find even with short haircuts say a No.1 or 2.

I use the ultra fine technique with extractors measuring 0.7 mm. 

It is worth noting here that the ARTAS Robot leaves much bigger white dots because of the clumsy mechanics, so you can get noticeable scarring with it. Robots are not artistic like some humans and scar more, why would you choose a robot (that have been known to break down in Australia) for your hair transplant? 

Costing from $9 to $8 per graft here in Melbourne , FUE is not for everyone but you can be assured we will give you a great result. 

Dr Paul Spano

I saw a woman last week who I did only 800 grafts on about 8 months ago. A graft is a naturally occurring group of hairs (1,2 or 3 hairs). Typically she had a patch of very thin hair at the front in the middle. It was a Type 1 FPHL (Femail Pattern Hair Loss). 

I remembered that went back to her retail shop in Brunswick straight after her FUT session with us in Moonee Ponds because we finished at 230 PM and she felt great and wore a scarf over the transplanted region. She is a business owner and there is “always something to do” she said.

Anyway, her hair transplant was probably 70% grown but only to an average length of 3 cm , some longer some shorter ( because they grow randomly ) but she was totally delighted because already she had twice as much coverage as before and felt confident. “Just wait until it’s all grown at full length” I said ! 

Ask her if it was worth the $6000 she paid , I think I know the answer by the look o her facs and the spring in her step. 

Makes all the meticulous work worthwhile when the results kick in 🙂 

Call for a consultation with Dr  Spano personally on 93260700. 


As you can see in this picture, hair loss can occur even when young. Even though the rest of the scalp has great hair, receding in the front corners can be quite distressing to a person male or female.

Medication will not regrow this hair unfortunately but luckily the Hair Transplants Melbourne team can fill this segment in and blend it perfectly to the hairline and surrounding hair, with safe hair follicles (ones never programmed to fall out) delicately transplanted  into the area.

The corner of the scalp you see above would require approx. 500-600 grafts to fill in. A graft is either 1,2 or 3 hairs in one micro tissue segment less than a mil (mm) wide. The other side if the same size would require the same. FUT or FUE can be used to harvest the grafts from the back and the placement of them into the front is the same. A tiny incision is made with the very tip of a needle just enough depth for the graft to be planted, about 1..5-2 mm deep. These heal up very quickly because they are so small. The graft is not sewn in, it just sits there and the pressure from the surrounding tissue holds it until it gets stuck by blood clotting and capillary ingrowth.

Old, young, male or female, black hair or grey, we can repair your hair loss with transplant in one day under local anaesthetic with ease. 

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In short, beginning a program to stop you hair falling out is best sooner rather than later , because you will have more hair to save !

Medications, PRP the right shampoo and good old- fashioned advice will serve you well the younger you come in. 

I perform FUE and FUT Transplants on those wanting repair but a big part of my practice is treating hair loss in Melbourne with non-surgical means. A transplant is the last resort . It’s not a bad last resort by the way because it is much easier than people think . 

Best Wishes, Paul Spano