IPL photo rejuvenation machines can be tricky to use. It is very important that the person treating you has had many years of experience to ensure your safety. Beware of cheap machines used in suburban beauty salons that deliver poor results while exposing you to the risks. Attend a medical clinic and insist on years of experience like you will find at Span Aesthetics.

Complications do occur and are best managed at experienced centres. If you want a good IPL Photo Rejuvenation it is best to contact a professional dermatologist.

Ingrown Hairs










Thank you for your email enquiry regarding treatment for your scarring and ingrown hairs. These types of scars are generally post-inflammatory pigmentation caused by the irritation of the skin by the ingrown hair which can easily be treated with Laser Hair Removal.

There are a variety of treatment options to address this pigmentation including Fraxel Laser, Chemical Peels, fading creams and most often, Laser Hair Removal to treat the cause of the problem, being the hair. In most skin types the scarring will resolve with time once the hair issue has been treated. Occasionally, where required, we would treat both the hair with Laser Hair Removal and the scarring for a faster result.

I would suggest an initial consultation with our Therapist or Nurse so that we can assess your skin to determine the most suitable procedure for you.

We have a consultation fee of $50 with our Nurses and Therapists and this is fully redeemable off your first treatment of Laser Hair Removal or Scar Reduction. This is not applicable if you choose to have treatment on the day, in which case you will only pay for the treatment provided. Treatment prices can vary depending on what is required and what area you are looking to treat so we will give you costings in consult once we have assessed your skin.

I hope this has been helpful and please contact our rooms at your earliest convenience to organise an appointment for either consultation or treatment.








If you think you are slipping behind in the looks department and don’t know what to do here is the first step.
Firstly, look at your face and notice any discolouration e.g. little red veins around the nose or cheeks (Broken Capillaries) or brown spots that were not there before (maybe sun induced freckles or moles) or dark areas, like the skin looks “dirty” (most likely pigmentation called Melasma or Chloasma). These skin blemishes will attract people’s attention and detract from you signature points e.g. nice eyes, good lips etc and are “background noise” or visual static that is best minimised, removed or reduced.

The broken capillaries and brown age freckles can be treated with IPL Photorejuvenation very successfully, 1-3 treatments in good hands. Pigmentation that makes the skin dark and dull is faded with prescription only creams often custom made for you in conjunction with light acid washes like a Jessner type solution. Jessner is a mixture of three skin cleaning safe chemicals made for us by a specialist chemist.Fraxel laser treatments can be used for deeper pigmentation with the extra benefits of scar and wrinkle reduction improvement as well. If your skin is dull or rough then Microdermabrasion and Jessner Skin Peels might be the answer.

I suppose the main point of the above is that first fix up the draping or external cover material of your face i.e. your skin. You will be surprised at how wrinkles or thin lips don’t look so bad if the overall skin is even in colour and texture and has a natural glow and softness. When we humans see nice even clear skin , we see health and vitality and we want to be near that person or involved in something they do as it seems they are biologically successful. That’s Human Nature and it’s predictable and you can use it to your advantage!

Hyperhydrosis & armpit sweatingtreatments

Armpit Sweating








Thank you for your email regarding Hyperhydrosis, or excessive armpit sweating. We use a product from the U.K. that is a natural purified protein to treat excessive armpit sweating,it is also the same product used world-wide in wrinkle reduction.

Pricing for the procedure varies depending on the size of the area treated as it is determined by how much product is required. You are generally looking at between $600-800 /session. This is determined in consultation with the doctor and you will be quoted specifically at this time. Generally we find the excessive sweating treatment will last between 8-12/months for most people.

Under a strong topical numbing gel, the tiniest of pin pricks are placed under the skin taking about 2 mins. In 3 days you will have a 90% reduction in your sweating. It’s just amazing, and it’s very popular.
Our clients find it hard to believe it’s that easy.

Consultation with our skin clinic Nurse is $50 and this is fully redeemable off your first excessive armpit sweating treatment. Should you wish to go ahead with the procedure at the time of consultation you will pay only for the treatment provided.

I hope this has been helpful and please contact our rooms at your earliest convenience to secure an appointment.

Hair Transplants in Melbourne are perfomed by Dr Paul Spano at the Knudsen Clinic.

Women and men have hair transplants in Melbourne every day. Dr Spano will perform a natural looking hair transplant for you, moving hair follicles that are safe and wont fall out from the back of the scalp to the front and top of your head. Dr Spano can also prescribe inexpensive medications for you to slow down your future hair loss and perhaps thicken your hair.

Dr Paul Spano graduated from The University of Melbourne Medical School in 1990. He has been performing Cosmetic and Laser skin treatments since then in his own private clinics.Dr Spano met Dr Richard Shiell, a world leader in hair transplant surgery of 40 years experience (now retired), when Dr Shiell performed a hair transplant on Dr Spano (who was 27yrs old at the time).Since that time, 15yrs ago, Dr Spano has had a keen interest in hair transplant surgery, maintaining regular contact with Dr Shiell.

Dr Spano attended his first international hair conference in Florida, USA in 1998 and received hands on training in modern surgery and has also visited renowned private clinics, assisting in surgery. Dr Spano has been extensively trained by his mentors Dr Shiell and Dr Knudsen.

With over 600 Hair Transplants performed  (and that is all aspects of the transplant and not just removing the donor strip like some other clinics) Dr Spano is now at the forefront of this technique worldwide. Dr Spano makes all of the recipient sites himself ( not done at many other clinics) and although this is time consuming , he feels that this is the best way to get exactly the correct angle and direction off the skin that the hair will eventually grow and makes the difference between a good and a great transplant.

Dr Spano can be contacted for a free Hair Transplant assessment in Queens Rd Melbourne, call (03) 9370 1917.

Well yes I thought it was time to have some work done. I noticed that my right cheek bone area wasn’t as good as the left, in other words, my right cheek had diminished and that left the cheek sagging a little on that side. My right naso-labial fold was more pronounced because it had lost its structural support from above.

While commiserating about my cheek I looked at my chin from the side view and noticed it looked a little “weak”. It’s important for a man to have a good chin and jaw and I knew exactly what to do.

I am training a nurse injector at the moment and I decided to be her test dummy. I filled the tube with exactly the right thick dermal filler, marked out on my face with an eye-liner pencil where I wanted it to go and while holding a mirror and giving exact instructions on how deep and how much per site etc I had my cheek and chin filled.

Dermal filler can give a lot of their result instantly and I tell you it looked great. It’s amazing what a little more facial balance can do to your overall appearance. I wasn’t grossly deformed before, the imbalance was small but when corrected it looked like my entire face was in harmony again. My strong chin makes me look more manly, which has always been an issue because of my boy-ish looks.

That night I took a mild analgesic because there was a slight ache and I have a low pain threshold and it worked fine. I even had one glass of red wine (a good one of course) and I had no bruising.

The next day, while I could feel that something had been done, it did not hurt at all and the little swelling there was did not look out of place. Some people can bruise a little but it’s usually minor. This deep dermal filler will last about two years and it just gives me that little bit more confidence being in balance. I like to look my best while it not being obvious to anyone that I have had anything done.

Some anti wrinkle muscle relaxant injections twice a year, some dermal filler once a year and good skin care and I am done.