Dermal Filler Fraxel Staff Chat on Looking Fresh and Fabulous for the Holiday

Look at the corners of the mouth in this older woman, notice the deep marrionette folds are easily removed with one treatment of dermal filler instantly.

Before Dermal Filler

After Dermal Filler






Here at Span Aesthetics skin clinic, we see a lot of people wishing to look their best for summer and the holiday period. This can be anything from reducing those pesky frown lines to plumping out lips for a luscious pout.

Having many years experience in cosmetic injecting with dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxants we are able to provide the best skin treatments to enhance your features but keep you looking natural and at your most beautiful. Reducing frown, forehead and smile lines is a very quick and effective treatment. Plumping lips and cheeks with dermal fillers is a comfortable and instantaneous treatment which provides terrific results.

New trends in the cosmetic field? The liquid face lift. This is a combination of injectable thicker dermal filler treatments with Laser resurfacing treatments like Fraxel to stimulate your own natural collagen and elastin production. The treatments are recommended based on individual requirements and we are able to best guide you on what is most suitable in order to meet your needs.

Come visit our friendly team in Melbourne for a confidential and friendly discussion.

Dermal Fillers are now the second most popular treatment to wrinkle relaxants worldwide. Often they are used together in as an effective wrinkle treatment.

Span Aesthetics uses the latest dermal fillers for its Wrinkle and Fold filling and Lip Enhancements. The new dermal filler range now contain a local anaesthetic in the gel which dramatically reduces discomfort. When used along with Skinovate’s own super strength numbing ointment, the procedures become almost painless, and sometimes almost nothing but slight pressure is felt.

Dermal fillers are now rivalling wrinkle relaxant as the most common cosmetic procedure performed by skin clinics. Often a combination of these two therapies are the best way to soften wrinkles and enhance the appearance while still looking natural. Dr Paul Spano our dermatologist, skin clinic principal and Medical Director, is an expert in the field of skin rejuvenation and Hair Transplant Surgery. He has been working in the field since 1996 and is regarded as a pioneer and leader in Cosmetic Medicine.

Dark Circles and IPL Photo-rejuvenation

    1. Q. I have dark circles under my eyes even when I am getting plenty of sleep. People are always telling me I look tired and I am very self conscious of it, how can I change this?
    1. A. Thank you for your email enquiry regarding dark skin under your eyes. There are a number of contributing factors that can cause these and various treatments available. Dark circles under the eyes are generally a combination of superficial pigment, shadowing from concavity in the area and visible vessels as the skin is quite thin.

Depending on how you present these can be treated with dermal fillers to “fill” any concavity and reduce shadowing, fading creams for pigmentation or IPL Photo-rejuvenation (Intense Pulsed Light) to reduce both pigment and vessels.

I would suggest you book in for a consultation with Dr Spano regarding your dark circles to discuss your treatment options, including IPL Photo-rejuvenation at your earliest convenience so that he can assess your skin and outline which procedures may be best suited to your condition.

Consultation with Dr Spano is $140 as a new patient.  Prices can vary depending on treatments so this will be provided to you in consult.

You do also have the option of booking in with our Cosmetic Nurses to discuss your skin concerns and the possibility of IPL Photo-rejuvenation treatments.  Our Nurses have a consult fee of $50 which is fully redeemable off your first treatment should you proceed with treatment.  Most procedures are performed by our Nurses and Therapists and this can be a more cost effective option.  Should you require a prescription fading cream we can then refer you on to Dr Spano and his consult fee is reduced to $90

I hope this has been of some assistance and please do not hesitate to contact either of our rooms to secure an appointment time.

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At the recent national cosmetic medicine and surgery conference in Melbourne, international speakers like Ava Shamban and Paul Banwell and Aurther Swift all confirmed the one thing, that people of the world want less invasive solutions to their cosmetic skin needs. Plastic surgery is down and dermal fillers are up. High quality skin care sales are also shooting up, with top clinics selling cosmeceuticals that have well recognised age reversal effects over a few short months.

This matches what we see here at Span Aesthetics Melbourne, our treatment numbers continue to rise even in a soft economic climate. People come in two or three times a year to freshen up but not change the way they look.

By having small volumes of dermal filler or muscle relaxant we don’t change the way you look. Unfortunately, even sadly, I am sorry to say that there are many clinics in “well to do” areas of Melbourne (you know who you are) who just want to keep plumping up cheeks and lips and they make people look ridiculous and fake. Shame on you for leading these people up the garden path for money. Alas, there is always a rogue element, often travelling injectors visiting salons trying to make a quick buck.

Our international friends confirm this tragedy is worldwide. The only saving grace (thanks Grace), is that most of the products are self dissolving over time, but it’s hard to reverse the psychological addiction to a puffy unnatural face, we try.

If the person you are seeing looks a little overdone, don’t trust them with your face. There are many new injectors in Melbourne, some doctors, some nurses who have flashy websites and may seem experienced. Just ask them how long they have been doing it for, if the answer is less than six (6) years, go somewhere else because there are at least a dozen people in Melbourne who have over 13 years experience and it takes a long time to get the perspective right. There are cheap deals and GP’s and dentists who will offer you a quick cosmetic treatment while you are there, again, walk away. Cosmetic medicine is a full time profession not an add-on. Usually a person needs advice re. prescription only skin care, laser medicine and some balanced softening injectables, and a good skin check because we see one skin cancer per month in each of our cosmetic skin clinics.

Advice? Don’t chase the cheapest per unit price list, look at the person talking to you, and find out, really find out if they have more than six years experience.

One of the most popular treatments performed at our Prahran skin clinic are the anti-wrinkle and wrinkle treatment injections. Christmas and New Year is a busy social time. Many people like to look fresh and at their best during this time because we go out more and get our photos taken by friends or our own “selfies”.

The skin treatments are small, painless injections that have little or no downtime. Results are fast and effective. Frown lines and smile lines are improved leaving people looking refreshed and more youthful. Dermal Fillers are now available in many types of “thickness” so can be used in any part of the face and skin for deep folds or the finest lines. Muscle relaxants are placed strategically to reduce active dynamic facial expression lines while keeping a natural look.

Dermal fillers now come with in-built local anaesthetic for increased comfort, and we use a very strong topical numbing gel as well to make the experience easy for you. Lips can be made fuller without looking silly, deep folds can be softened without looking fake or done. Your friends won’t notice the treatment but they will notice you looking great.

You don’t have to look strange or stiff or surprised after a wrinkle treatment with either a muscle relaxant or a dermal filler Melbourne.

Many people come to our skin clinic in Melbourne wanting to look better and appear younger but are unsure where to start or what to do. We take the time at Span Aesthetics to listen to our clients, address their individual concerns and work out a skin treatment plan. We believe it is important to provide the best treatments whilst leaving people looking natural and fresh. We explain individual procedures including any down time, anticipated duration of effect and costs of treatments.

We enjoy meeting people for obligation free consultations.