Just a quick note about FUE. I have seen recently several patients who have had FUE overseas. While the transplant looks ok , the donor area looks very thin and patchy and with lots of white dot scars. Because the “experts” overseas have taken way too much FUE out of the back, the patient cannot wear their hair short anymore, which is strange because that is the main reason people have FUE is to avoid scarring !! So just a warning for you out there who visit clinics that only do FUE, if they take too much (too many grafts e.g.over 3000) you wont be able to cut the hair under about a  number 4 and you will have hair loss at the back and sides, which is fine as long as you are told that before you spend all the money.

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Hair Transplant Melbourne Cost

Get to know the prices Hair Transplants Melbourne have on offer.

Three common transplant sizes are 1500, 2000, 2400 grafts. Note, one graft has on average 2 hairs in it.



  • 400 grafts (repair front third of scalp and hairline) $3,834
  • 1000 grafts (repair front half of scalp and hairline) $8,107
  • 2000 grafts (repair front half of scalp and hairline) $13,882
  • 2400 grafts (repair front half of scalp and hairline, plus thickening of the crown) $15,730

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is an advanced hair transplant technique that can achieve hair restoration. This may also be referred to as the strip method and this is because a strip of scalp is taken for hair follicles. This strip is normally taken from somewhere at the back of the head. This hair graft will then be implanted into the area where hair is desired.

It is common for patients to take time off work for recovery after FUT. There can be some tenderness and swelling after the procedure that can last for around one week. It is normal for scabs to appear over the donor area. Shedding can happen to the hair transplant. While this sounds worrying, it is totally normal and referred to as shock loss. After a couple of weeks, the new hair grows. Patients can enjoy the results of FUT after two to five months.



  • 400 -> $3,834
  • 600 -> $5,336
  • 800 -> $6,721
  • 1000 -> $8,107
  • 1200 -> $9,262
  • 1400 -> $10,417
  • 1600 -> $11,572
  • 1800 -> $12,727
  • 2000 -> $13,882
  • 2200 -> $14,806
  • 2400 -> $15,730
  • 2600 -> $16,539
  • 2800 -> $17,232
  • 3000 -> $17,925
  • 3200 -> $18,450
  • 3400 -> $18,975
  • 3600 -> $19,500
  • 4000 -> $20,025

These prices are all inclusive of GST and all appointments, medications and after care.

100% guaranteed and Natural. Painless and quick recovery.

Follicular Unit Extractions (FUE) is a new hair transplant technique. It is known for creating less scarring that FUT and there is normally less downtime needed afterwards. Hair follicles will be taken from a donor area so that they can be used on the area that patients want hair to grow. This will usually be the back of the head. This process is done with an extraction instrument and a microscope is used to implant the hair follicles. This is a very intricate process, which consists of taking small groups of hairs. There are minimal scars left behind from FUE and downtime is only around seven days.

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FUE or FUT? Which procedure is right for you?

It will be your decision whether you prefer FUT or FUE for your hair transplant. But FUE is becoming the most popular hair transplant technique due to its minimal scarring and less downtime.

If you are worried about scarring, you may be best choosing FUE. FUT can leave a lengthy scar on the donor area, which might make you feel self-conscious about your hair transplant. On the other hand, FUE is known for not leaving any linear scars and only small puncture wounds.

If you cannot take a lot of time off work or have other responsibilities that would restrict your recovery time, you might be better offer with FUE. Because part of the scalp is removed, FUT can take a longer recovery time. In contrast, FUE only normally requires seven days of downtime. This means you can take less time off and be back on your feet faster.

A lot of patients comment that they believe an FUE hair transplant delivers more natural results. Yet, FUT can also deliver good results too. Since your own hair is used from the donor area to the desired sight, this reduces complications and lets the hair grow naturally.

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Dr Paul Spano

Hi there, yes we are accepting Bitcoin (and Ethereum and Litecoin for that matter) as payment for hair transplants in Melbourne. We don’s think anyone will actually take us up on it though, because Bitcoin keep rising in value and that could make for a very expensive transplant should they keep rising. 

Good luck to all those Bitcoiners, and Seasons Greetings to all.



Hi HTM fans. This week at HTM we have done 2 FUT procedures, one 2000 grafts and one 2200 grafts. Both were men aged in their late 20’s. They chose FUT not FUE because they wear their hair long-ish and are not concerned with a fine scar well-hidden by their hair. They also know that the scar can be repaired in the rare instance it is needed quite simply. They both might need a total lifetime grafts count of 3500 , done in two separate procedures probably 3-5 years apart. If over 3000 grafts is taken from the donor area with FUE it can thin out that area significantly and show hair loss there should they cut the hair short. FUT is taken from the centre of the safe zone with skin removal so the hair density is kept normal on either side of a fine scar. FUE is taken out spread over a large area and so not only does it thin the area but there is increased risk that the hair is taken outside the safe zone at larger transplant numbers and so may not survive forever. Food for thought. Come in for a consultation if you want this explained further. 

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