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The number of men having cosmetic procedures is growing, who would have thought?! Of course it’s growing, men are not immune to ageing nor are they immune to the competition, in as far as looking fresher and younger makes one more competitive in the race for attracting a mate and in the corporate ladder climb. Actually, in terms of the corporate ladder it’s more about looking approachable and relaxed not stern and grumpy.

We have operated two anti-ageing skin clinics in Melbourne since 1996 and the number of men having anti-wrinkle and wrinkle relaxant injections has grown solidly since that time. Dermal fillers, laser, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and microdermabrasion all have increased as well, naturally. The only thing that has not grown amongst men is sclerotherapy for leg veins and that is because it’s rare for men to develop these in the first place.

With treatments starting at $300, price does not exclude a lot of men, even those on a lower income. People squirrel away a few dollars here and there and visit us twice a year to soften their appearance, and by softening I don’t mean we make them look boyish or wimpy, we alter the injection sites for men so they keep their strong brows and manly looks so they won’t be kicked off the footy team.

Bro-Inject, Cosmo-Man, Smooth-Man, Dermal “Fella” whatever you call it, men arrive at the clinics wanting to look better and less tired while still looking natural.


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