At the recent national cosmetic medicine and surgery conference in Melbourne, international speakers like Ava Shamban and Paul Banwell and Aurther Swift all confirmed the one thing, that people of the world want less invasive solutions to their cosmetic skin needs. Plastic surgery is down and dermal fillers are up. High quality skin care sales are also shooting up, with top clinics selling cosmeceuticals that have well recognised age reversal effects over a few short months.

This matches what we see here at Span Aesthetics Melbourne, our treatment numbers continue to rise even in a soft economic climate. People come in two or three times a year to freshen up but not change the way they look.

By having small volumes of dermal filler or muscle relaxant we don’t change the way you look. Unfortunately, even sadly, I am sorry to say that there are many clinics in “well to do” areas of Melbourne (you know who you are) who just want to keep plumping up cheeks and lips and they make people look ridiculous and fake. Shame on you for leading these people up the garden path for money. Alas, there is always a rogue element, often travelling injectors visiting salons trying to make a quick buck.

Our international friends confirm this tragedy is worldwide. The only saving grace (thanks Grace), is that most of the products are self dissolving over time, but it’s hard to reverse the psychological addiction to a puffy unnatural face, we try.

If the person you are seeing looks a little overdone, don’t trust them with your face. There are many new injectors in Melbourne, some doctors, some nurses who have flashy websites and may seem experienced. Just ask them how long they have been doing it for, if the answer is less than six (6) years, go somewhere else because there are at least a dozen people in Melbourne who have over 13 years experience and it takes a long time to get the perspective right. There are cheap deals and GP’s and dentists who will offer you a quick cosmetic treatment while you are there, again, walk away. Cosmetic medicine is a full time profession not an add-on. Usually a person needs advice re. prescription only skin care, laser medicine and some balanced softening injectables, and a good skin check because we see one skin cancer per month in each of our cosmetic skin clinics.

Advice? Don’t chase the cheapest per unit price list, look at the person talking to you, and find out, really find out if they have more than six years experience.

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