Dermal Fillers are now the second most popular treatment to wrinkle relaxants worldwide. Often they are used together in as an effective wrinkle treatment.

Span Aesthetics uses the latest dermal fillers for its Wrinkle and Fold filling and Lip Enhancements. The new dermal filler range now contain a local anaesthetic in the gel which dramatically reduces discomfort. When used along with Skinovate’s own super strength numbing ointment, the procedures become almost painless, and sometimes almost nothing but slight pressure is felt.

Dermal fillers are now rivalling wrinkle relaxant as the most common cosmetic procedure performed by skin clinics. Often a combination of these two therapies are the best way to soften wrinkles and enhance the appearance while still looking natural. Dr Paul Spano our dermatologist, skin clinic principal and Medical Director, is an expert in the field of skin rejuvenation and Hair Transplant Surgery. He has been working in the field since 1996 and is regarded as a pioneer and leader in Cosmetic Medicine.


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