Dermal Filler Fraxel Staff Chat on Looking Fresh and Fabulous for the Holiday

Look at the corners of the mouth in this older woman, notice the deep marrionette folds are easily removed with one treatment of dermal filler instantly.

Before Dermal Filler
After Dermal Filler






Here at Span Aesthetics skin clinic, we see a lot of people wishing to look their best for summer and the holiday period. This can be anything from reducing those pesky frown lines to plumping out lips for a luscious pout.

Having many years experience in cosmetic injecting with dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxants we are able to provide the best skin treatments to enhance your features but keep you looking natural and at your most beautiful. Reducing frown, forehead and smile lines is a very quick and effective treatment. Plumping lips and cheeks with dermal fillers is a comfortable and instantaneous treatment which provides terrific results.

New trends in the cosmetic field? The liquid face lift. This is a combination of injectable thicker dermal filler treatments with Laser resurfacing treatments like Fraxel to stimulate your own natural collagen and elastin production. The treatments are recommended based on individual requirements and we are able to best guide you on what is most suitable in order to meet your needs.

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