I Want To Look Better But Do I Need Dermal Fillers or Microdermabrasion?








If you think you are slipping behind in the looks department and don’t know what to do here is the first step.
Firstly, look at your face and notice any discolouration e.g. little red veins around the nose or cheeks (Broken Capillaries) or brown spots that were not there before (maybe sun-induced freckles or moles) or dark areas, like the skin looks “dirty” (most likely pigmentation called Melasma or Chloasma). These skin blemishes will attract people’s attention and detract from you signature points e.g. nice eyes, good lips etc and are “background noise” or visual static that is best minimised, removed or reduced.

The broken capillaries and brown age freckles can be treated with IPL Photorejuvenation very successfully, 1-3 treatments in good hands. Pigmentation that makes the skin dark and dull is faded with prescription-only creams often custom made for you in conjunction with light acid washes like a Jessner type solution. Jessner is a mixture of three skin cleaning safe chemicals made for us by a specialist chemist. Fraxel laser treatments can be used for deeper pigmentation with the extra benefits of scar and wrinkle reduction improvement as well. If your skin is dull or rough then Microdermabrasion and Jessner Skin Peels might be the answer.

I suppose the main point of the above is that first fix up the draping or external cover material of your face i.e. your skin. You will be surprised at how wrinkles or thin lips don’t look so bad if the overall skin is even in colour and texture and has a natural glow and softness. When we humans see nice even clear skin, we see health and vitality and we want to be near that person or involved in something they do as it seems they are biologically successful. That’s Human Nature and it’s predictable and you can use it to your advantage!


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