Well yes I thought it was time to have some work done. I noticed that my right cheek bone area wasn’t as good as the left, in other words, my right cheek had diminished and that left the cheek sagging a little on that side. My right naso-labial fold was more pronounced because it had lost its structural support from above.

While commiserating about my cheek I looked at my chin from the side view and noticed it looked a little “weak”. It’s important for a man to have a good chin and jaw and I knew exactly what to do.

I am training a nurse injector at the moment and I decided to be her test dummy. I filled the tube with exactly the right thick dermal filler, marked out on my face with an eye-liner pencil where I wanted it to go and while holding a mirror and giving exact instructions on how deep and how much per site etc I had my cheek and chin filled.

Dermal filler can give a lot of their result instantly and I tell you it looked great. It’s amazing what a little more facial balance can do to your overall appearance. I wasn’t grossly deformed before, the imbalance was small but when corrected it looked like my entire face was in harmony again. My strong chin makes me look more manly, which has always been an issue because of my boy-ish looks.

That night I took a mild analgesic because there was a slight ache and I have a low pain threshold and it worked fine. I even had one glass of red wine (a good one of course) and I had no bruising.

The next day, while I could feel that something had been done, it did not hurt at all and the little swelling there was did not look out of place. Some people can bruise a little but it’s usually minor. This deep dermal filler will last about two years and it just gives me that little bit more confidence being in balance. I like to look my best while it not being obvious to anyone that I have had anything done.

Some anti wrinkle muscle relaxant injections twice a year, some dermal filler once a year and good skin care and I am done.


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