Eyebrow Hair Transplants

Eyebrow Hair Transplants

Hair is harvested from the back of the scalp with FUE (micro drill to remove selected hairs one by one) leaving some tiny pale dot scarring that the hairdresser will not find.

We can remove the hair with minimal hidden clipping at the back or sides if your hair is longer than a number 4 in those locations.

Local anaesthetic injections are used to numb the skin in the work areas and this stings temporarily.

This hair will be implanted into small incisions made with a small needle tip trying to match the angles and directions of the existing hair in the brow. Sometimes the hair will grow in a less than ideal direction.

The Procedure

We will choose the most similar hairs found on your scalp to match the hair of your eyebrow as close as possible, mainly single hairs and sometimes a few double hairs for the middle of the eyebrow.

Transplanted hair never looks quite as good as what nature gave you. We can’t produce really thick eyebrows from next to no hair but some eyebrow is accepted generally as much better than none as the human face looks unusual without them. They frame your eyes.

Eyebrow transplants need to be repeated 2 and rarely sometimes 3 times in smaller amounts to get the best result as not all will survive the transplant process as we choose the finest single hairs mostly which are the most fragile. This is an area of particular expertise in our clinic.

The eyebrow hair needs regular cutting as it comes from the scalp and will grow longer than normal eyebrow hair.


Redness Crusting Swelling Bruising, Tenderness and occasionally Pimples will be part of the healing process.

Transplanted hairs will break off after 2-3 weeks and disappear completely like with all transplants then start to regrow from 3-4 months but not reach full thickness until 10-12 months.

We will place a white dressing over your brows which you will spray hourly with the solution provided . Next morning after spraying again peel off the tape and dressing gently. Spray hourly onto the brows for the rest of the day. Normal showering and hair washing can resume the following day and pat shampoo on and off firmly to the brows. Do this daily for a week. Powder make-up can be used after 5 days to help cover any crusts. Email a photo after 5 days for the doctor to review.

Our Results

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