Eyebrow Lifts

Non- Surgical eyebrow lifts and facelifts are now available at Skinovate! This new procedure is quick and requires no patient downtime, making it a great alternative to surgical facelifts.

During non surgical facelifts and eyebrow lifts, we inject dermal fillers in the middle half of the upper lid/brow. This will help to reduce the obvious sag of the eyelids. Also by injecting approximately ½ to 1 syringe of dermal filler underneath the eyebrow, support can be given to the eyebrow and this elevates the eyebrow up. This will improve the position of the eyelids and the overall appearance of the face.

Also available are chemical brow lifts with the muscle relaxant and Thread Lifts.

    Non -surgical eyebrow lifts and face lifts will help to:
  • Increase overall self-confidence
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Look more youthful and rejuvenated
  • Correct the asymmetry of the forehead and eyebrows

Skinovate offers non-surgical eyebrow lifts and facelifts treatments at our Melbourne clinics. Contact us, or book a consultation to learn more about non-surgical eyebrow and facelifts.