Hair Loss Treatment for Women – Female Hair Transplant

We have the busiest hair loss treatment for women practice in Melbourne.

Exquisite female hairline reshaping, lowering and repair.

Hair loss for women can be devastating and it’s more common than you think. You’re not alone. Over 60% of our patients are women.

No Shaving of any areas. Natural, Safe Hair Restoration.

Slow thickening programs or one day transplant wonders or both.

Hairline shaping , eyebrows, hairline lowering and general thickening.

Natural Beautiful Meticulous

100% Guaranteed

Our treatments include:

“Melbourne’s Busiest Hair Loss Treatment For Women Centre because the treatments work and the service is discreet and excellent”

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Women can expect to see a 30-50% increase in their hair without a transplant and 75 % or more with one.

Our expectations for female hair transplants are very highest  and our satisfaction rate, since 2006, is 100%

hair transplant before and afters - female 1800 FUT - patient7b - image 002

Hair transplant female 1400 grafts with FUT. We chose FUT because women don’t want to shave the back of the head. We could have done this in three smaller FUE semi-shaven sessions.

Hair transplant female 1400 grafts with  FUT. This woman now has much more confidence to wear her hair back. She had the bald patches for years and previously had to wear the hair forward there. Extremely natural.

female hair transplant - FUT 2232 grafts - before and after - image 001

FUT 2232 grafts. Lovely thickening in an older woman who had been losing her hair for years. She has many more style options available now.

Female Hairline Repair. FUE. 347 Grafts.

Non-Shaving Option for Women

You don’t have to shave  your head for a transplant. Also, you can wear a head-band the next day to cover the healing transplant so no-one will tell. Your hairdresser will be amazed as your hair grows back , thats’ actually where we get most referrals from.

Eyebrows are a highly specialized form of transplant requiring many years of experience, that is when Dr Spano’s 18 years of experience counts !


“We are seeing a large number of young women having the corners of their hairlines lowered as they feel embarrassed when they pull their hair back.”

Women often want a more curved natural soft hairline that frames their face.  This gives that beautiful oval shape which we know is very attractive.

This hairline lowering and shaping can make a huge difference to facial beauty and the confidence to wear the hair back.

One day spent at the clinic and your hair can be restored.

Transplants grow naturally and normally and can be coloured and styled as you like.

It’s a meticulous and artistic process but well worth the lifetime of confidence it brings.”


  • Most experienced Melbourne-based Hair Surgeon. 18 years of transplanting.
  • Dr Paul Spano , your surgeon, does the full consultation with you personally not a salesperson or commission medi-nurse.
  • The consultation involves passionate design drawings with you.
  • Non shaving for women for a discreet process.
  • Excellent non-transplant regrowth and thickening options.


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