FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon Melbourne

What is FUE ? Follicular Unit Extraction. This is one of the 2 methods for harvesting the safe hair follicles or roots from the back and sides of the head / scalp. As the name suggests one “follicular unit” is extracted at a time using a powered device specifically made to do this. I  (FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon Melbourne ) use the Cole device, regarded as the number one device in the world. “It’s the Ferrari of FUE machines”

FUE is slower and more expensive that strip or FUT but the healing is quicker and less painful and only tiny white dots are left scattered throughout the scalp and are very hard to find even with short haircuts say a No.1 or 2.

I use the ultra fine technique with extractors measuring 0.7 mm. 

It is worth noting here that the ARTAS Robot leaves much bigger white dots because of the clumsy mechanics, so you can get noticeable scarring with it. Robots are not artistic like some humans and scar more, why would you choose a robot (that have been known to break down in Australia) for your hair transplant? 

Costing from $9 to $8 per graft here in Melbourne , FUE is not for everyone but you can be assured we will give you a great result. 

Dr Paul Spano


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