Hair Loss Treatment For Women

Hair loss for women can be devastating and it’s more common than you think. You’re not alone. Over 60% of our patients are women. Natural, Safe Hair Restoration. 100% Guaranteed. All done in one day with us.

Hair loss for women can be treated with Hair Transplants Melbourne medication and procedures. Dr Paul Spano has treated thousands of women over the past 25 years with excellent results. Our treatments include the following:

• Eyebrow transplantation with FUE or FUT

Hair transplantation with FUE or FUT

• LED therapy (powerful light to thicken hair)

• PRP and Factor 4 therapy (with dermapen microneedling)

Also Thicker Eyelashes readily available.


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Female Pattern hair loss normally shows up behind the hairline towards the front or the crown. Hair Loss for women is a worrying discovery and not well accepted. Causes are;  genetic, hormones, stress, and prolonged illness.



“Unfortunately some women lose their hair and at the same time a lot of self esteem and confidence. This usually occurs at the front and in the middle of the scalp but can occur along the hairline and corners and even the crown. Sometimes this runs in families but it can occur in an unlucky individual. Women can part their hair a little to the side and mask the thinning area for a long while but eventually this becomes impossible and people can easily recognise the hair loss. Fortunately, the hair loss process can slowed-down by medication and clinic natural therapies including LED and PRP and the hair loss replaced by a procedure.  One day spent at the clinic and the hair can be restored. It grows naturally and normally as they are your own hair follicles re-located from the back of the head one by one. Its a meticulous and artistic process but well worth the lifetime of confidence it brings.”