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Dr Paul Spano Hair Transplants Melbourne has 17 years personal transplant experience.

Men and Women with Micro FUE hair restoration, and Liquid Gold.

Fix Hair Loss on Scalp, Scars, Beards, Side Burns.

“Dr Spano is the only Australian doctor using 3 types of FUE extraction instruments and 3 types of implantation techniques to get the best out of your donor area and give you the most natural thick result with Hair Transplants in Men.” Hair Loss Treatment Men

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Hair loss occurs in bursts during your life.

Hair loss is common, approximately 30% at the age of 30 and up to 50% at the age of 50.

Increased sensitivity to DHT (not increased levels) causes hair loss in men.

Reducing the DHT in your skin with medication is a great hair loss treatment in men and  will reduce hair loss by up to 70%.


Our expectations for your hair transplant procedure are very high and our satisfaction rate, since 2006, is almost 100%

Hair Loss Treatment Men, When To Come In?

As soon as you notice thinning hair come in right away because by the time you notice hair loss, 20% is gone already !

We can stop your future hair loss by 70% with safe treatments and medication. Often we can grow your hair back, especially at the top and crown.

Most common hair loss treatment men = FUE transplant .No scalpel.No stitches and No line scar running around your head.

We also offer Micro FUT especially for women as there is no shaving of the donor area like there is with FUE. We never shave the top of the head so you keep your long hair.

The FUE and FUT discussion is easy for me but sometimes difficult for patients.

99% of women choose FUT strip because there is no shaving. Mature businessmen also like FUT so they can return to work quickly.

If you need more than 4200 grafts in your lifetime then FUT will service you better with less overall scarring and a better quality result. FUE is good for those needing less than 4000 grafts over a lifetime.

hair loss treatment in men hair transplants in men

Take more than 4200 from the scalp donor with FUE and you get hair loss at the back and sides as well, meaning you will need to wear the hair longer there to cover that hair loss, or, you can keep the hair at a number 1 or 2 always to hide any thinning at the back. FUE gives you the ability to cut the hair at the back and sides very short e.g. Number 1 or 2, because any marks left behind are tiny.

So less than 4200 lifetime grafts then FUE is great. More than 4200 lifetime grafts and FUT may be best.

We at HTM do both FUE and FUT so we can give you all the options. Please take care when attending new clinics and franchises that only offer FUE, they can only offer one procedure so they will try and convince you that FUE is best which clearly isn’t the case for about 30% of men and most women.

When making this important life decision attend a clinic that gives you all the options.

CALL for an appointment on 9370 1917 to get your hair back.

The only clinic in Australia with multiple FUE systems.

We are the only clinic in Australia to use all three of the world leading FUE tool brands for hair transplants in men and women — Cole , ultra modern Devroye hybrid technology and DHI. Having all of the industry leading tools ensures that we can match the best instrument to your hair. DHI alone is never enough.


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