Hair Loss When Young

As you can see in this picture, hair loss can occur even when young. Even though the rest of the scalp has great hair, receding in the front corners can be quite distressing to a person male or female.

Medication will not regrow this hair unfortunately but luckily the Hair Transplants Melbourne team can fill this segment in and blend it perfectly to the hairline and surrounding hair, with safe hair follicles (ones never programmed to fall out) delicately transplanted  into the area.

The corner of the scalp you see above would require approx. 500-600 grafts to fill in. A graft is either 1,2 or 3 hairs in one micro tissue segment less than a mil (mm) wide. The other side if the same size would require the same. FUT or FUE can be used to harvest the grafts from the back and the placement of them into the front is the same. A tiny incision is made with the very tip of a needle just enough depth for the graft to be planted, about 1..5-2 mm deep. These heal up very quickly because they are so small. The graft is not sewn in, it just sits there and the pressure from the surrounding tissue holds it until it gets stuck by blood clotting and capillary ingrowth.

Old, young, male or female, black hair or grey, we can repair your hair loss with transplant in one day under local anaesthetic with ease.

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