Hair Restoration for Patients

Hi it’s Dr Paul Spano here. I had my first hair restoration or transplant in Melbourne by Dr Richard Shiell, who eventually became my mentor,when I was 25 , I am now 51 and of course it’s still growing strong ?
Grafts as we call them back then had 5-20 hairs each and looked a little “pluggy” now we make them under microscopes and trim them down to only 1 , 2 or 3 hairs. This means once planted expertly, you can’t tell the difference between a transplanted hair and one that was already there. 
Also back then, hairlines were created a little to even and didn’t look great. Now we scatter single hairs up and down around the hairline to mimic natural ones. So I have become a student and now expert on hairline design . Yes , when I meet people anywhere I am always checking out their hair , good and bad. Women can have the most amazing hairlines just check out those movie stars and you see some beauties.
With all of the new techniques and advancements since 2006 when I started transplanting , we can really create the most amazing natural looks ever. Even when people meet me they can’t tell it’s a transplant and our work these days is so, so much better. 
Hair loss treatment with medication or repair with transplant FUT or FUE has never been easier . 


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