Hair Transplants in Melbourne are perfomed by Dr Paul Spano at the Knudsen Clinic.

Women and men have hair transplants in Melbourne every day. Dr Spano will perform a natural looking hair transplant for you, moving hair follicles that are safe and wont fall out from the back of the scalp to the front and top of your head. Dr Spano can also prescribe inexpensive medications for you to slow down your future hair loss and perhaps thicken your hair.

Dr Paul Spano graduated from The University of Melbourne Medical School in 1990. He has been performing Cosmetic and Laser skin treatments since then in his own private clinics.Dr Spano met Dr Richard Shiell, a world leader in hair transplant surgery of 40 years experience (now retired), when Dr Shiell performed a hair transplant on Dr Spano (who was 27yrs old at the time).Since that time, 15yrs ago, Dr Spano has had a keen interest in hair transplant surgery, maintaining regular contact with Dr Shiell.

Dr Spano attended his first international hair conference in Florida, USA in 1998 and received hands on training in modern surgery and has also visited renowned private clinics, assisting in surgery. Dr Spano has been extensively trained by his mentors Dr Shiell and Dr Knudsen.

With over 600 Hair Transplants performed  (and that is all aspects of the transplant and not just removing the donor strip like some other clinics) Dr Spano is now at the forefront of this technique worldwide. Dr Spano makes all of the recipient sites himself ( not done at many other clinics) and although this is time consuming , he feels that this is the best way to get exactly the correct angle and direction off the skin that the hair will eventually grow and makes the difference between a good and a great transplant.

Dr Spano can be contacted for a free Hair Transplant assessment in Queens Rd Melbourne, call (03) 9370 1917.


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