Hair Transplant Worth It ?

I saw a woman last week who I did only 800 grafts on about 8 months ago. A graft is a naturally occurring group of hairs (1,2 or 3 hairs). Typically she had a patch of very thin hair at the front in the middle. It was a Type 1 FPHL (Femail Pattern Hair Loss). 

I remembered that went back to her retail shop in Brunswick straight after her FUT session with us in Moonee Ponds because we finished at 230 PM and she felt great and wore a scarf over the transplanted region. She is a business owner and there is “always something to do” she said.

Anyway, her hair transplant was probably 70% grown but only to an average length of 3 cm , some longer some shorter ( because they grow randomly ) but she was totally delighted because already she had twice as much coverage as before and felt confident. “Just wait until it’s all grown at full length” I said ! 

Ask her if it was worth the $6000 she paid , I think I know the answer by the look o her facs and the spring in her step. 

Makes all the meticulous work worthwhile when the results kick in 🙂 

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