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Thank you for your email regarding Hyperhydrosis, or excessive armpit sweating. We use a product from the U.K. that is a natural purified protein to treat excessive armpit sweating,it is also the same product used world-wide in wrinkle reduction.

Pricing for the procedure varies depending on the size of the area treated as it is determined by how much product is required. You are generally looking at between $600-800 /session. This is determined in consultation with the doctor and you will be quoted specifically at this time. Generally we find the excessive sweating treatment will last between 8-12/months for most people.

Under a strong topical numbing gel, the tiniest of pin pricks are placed under the skin taking about 2 mins. In 3 days you will have a 90% reduction in your sweating. It’s just amazing, and it’s very popular.
Our clients find it hard to believe it’s that easy.

Consultation with our skin clinic Nurse is $50 and this is fully redeemable off your first excessive armpit sweating treatment. Should you wish to go ahead with the procedure at the time of consultation you will pay only for the treatment provided.

I hope this has been helpful and please contact our rooms at your earliest convenience to secure an appointment.


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