Laser Hair Removal with the Alexandrite Gentlelase Laser  gives superb results that are far better than those achieved with IPL hair removal machines. The reason IPL hair removal is available is that the machines are cheap and sold to beauty salons so they can provide treatments. The facts remain however that beauty clients dont realise this and they spend thousands of wasted dollars on IPL hair removal with poor results.

Properly conducted Laser Hair Removal with expensive medical grade lasers (not IPL) gives faster and better and safer results.

Span Aesthetics has been doing Laser hair removal since 1996 and we get many people coming in after failed IPL therapy. We actually own 2 IPL machines but we use them for broken capillaries and pigment spot removal and photo rejuvenation NOT hair removal because the Alexandrite lasers work so much better and we want the best for our clients.

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