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Leg Veins, Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Broken Capillaries – this is how our clients describe what’s going on in their legs. The size of unwanted vessels varies hugely from the smallest surface capillary that visually stands out and causes “cosmetic distress” through to large bulging purple varicose veins the size of your index finger.

People want them removed from ages 16 to 80 for their own personal reasons and we are keen to help.

The micro-injection of these vessels using a tiny needle and the most modern, safe pharmaceutical is a doctor-only procedure at Span Aesthetics. We have evolved with the times and use only the latest and best technique, some other clinics still use an older and cheaper injectable to save a few $ but we think that people want the best and are happy to pay an extra $10 for it.

70% plus vessels are usually cleared in one session at Span Aesthetics by Dr Paul Spano. With over 12 years of leg vein injecting under his belt Dr Spano has developed a minimal discomfort technique.

Walking is encouraged after the procedure and people often go back to work the same day.

Tight stockings are worn (even by the men) for 10 days after to hold the vessels closed while your body knits them shut with collagen “stitches” inside.

Side effects include some self-dissolving pigmentation in darker skinned people, some transient matting or blushing adjacent to the area, and rarely a blister or scab that usually heals up of its own accord.

Costing $550 plus $85 for the stockings for all the vessels on both legs at the same time. It’s an affordable cosmetic procedure available to anyone. Leg Veins Melbourne Prahran.

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