Lip Enhancement Treatments

Long-lasting luscious lips and a perfect pout. Lift your entire face and confidence with awesome lips. HTM can give your lips the perfect boost while still looking natural.

Only with years of experience can a person choose the right product and the right volume for a lip enhancement.

That’s why you need the expertise of the HTM staff to ensure you receive the most suitable treatment for you and don’t end up with lips that are too big. Wow factor can be achieved without making you look over the top!

You can also enhance your lips in stages, trying a little, then some more then even more if it suits. Don’t worry, we will definitely tell you when enough is enough.

What product is used to give you fuller lips?

Although we can’t mention actual product names here on this site, we can report that non-permanent dermal fillers of medium thickness are the most popular treatment for lip enhancement – delivering long lasting results and fantastic soft natural lips.

The clear dermal filler gels are smooth and soft and work by absorbing and binding water when inside your skin.The major ingredient in the gel is a natural component of your skin, in fact, it is present everywhere in the animal kingdom as a support and volumizing material of the skin and other tissues.

There are now several brands and thicknesses on the market for lip enhancement and it can be confusing for the consumer, so be guided by our very experienced staff with your choice. Consider the experience of the person injecting you, as we have been a dedicated cosmetic enhancement clinic since 1996 and there is an unfortunate trend of cheap deal groups and newcomers doing poor work which you may see walking around the streets.

Its your face and you deserve the best so choose a full-time cosmetic practitioner working from a dedicated cosmetic clinic.

How much product will you need for fuller lips?

If your lips are small and thin, then its best not to try and volumise them too much first time. Half a ml of gel would be a good start and then more can be put in after 4-6 weeks if desired. Men and Women with a larger lip structure that are soft and have deflated with age can have 1ml of gel first time around, especially if the lower lip is also treated.

Our extensive experience in the cosmetic industry since 1996 gives us a unique perspective on what new lip enhancement and lip augmentation treatments can do for you.

THE Only clinic in australia with ALL THE LEADING TOOLS

We are the only clinic in Australia to use all three of the world leading FUE tool brands — Cole Instruments, the Harris S.A.F.E System, and the ultra modern Devroye hybrid technology. Having all of the industry leading tools ensures that we can match the best instrument to your hair.

Frequently asked questions

Firstly let us point out that with our expertise and judgement about what looks good and still natural we are very very rarely asked to dissolve and reduce the product. It is psychologically comforting to new and very insecure clients that yes, if necessary, the gel can be dissolved all or in part virtually overnight.

A Permanent dermal filler has been available in Melbourne since the early 2000’s and gives the longest-lasting results on the market (lips and deep facial folds). The product is also a clear gel but is made of a different molecule and not the temporary gels mentioned above. The filler is injected with a very fine needle used with a dental block an aesthetic. Only the Doctor injects this permanent dermal filler and it is a much loved procedure. Lip enhancement Melbourne? Yes please!

Key reasons to see Dr. Paul Spano

  • Most experienced Melbourne-based Hair Surgeon. 17 years of transplanting.
  • Dr Paul Spano , your surgeon, does the full consultation with you personally not a salesperson or commission medi-nurse.
  • The consultation involves extensive measurements and documentation answering all of your questions in writing.
  • Many types of transplant and instrument options available for your best results which makes us unique. Not just older DHI that does not suit everyone.
  • We never shave the recipient area so return to work is quicker.
  • Expensive Bio-enhanced procedures with HYPOTHERMASOL AND ATP. Free LED.
  • Excellent non-transplant regrowth and thickening options.
  • Dr Spano has had transplants and knows how to make it easier for you.
  • Largest and Busiest Clinic in Melbourne that offers full-service transplantation. Melbourne’s Number 1 .

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