What? You want to inject a dermal filler into my nose to smooth out the bumps?

Well, um, YES, only if you want us to !

What? You mean I can smooth out the bumps on my nose and make it straighter with a 5 minute treatment under local anaesthetic cream with an instant result?

YES, we can do that for you, actually we have been doing this for a few years now and people find it hard to believe there is another option that is non-surgical, no rhinoplasty (nose job) needed, well, its a liquid rhinoplasty.

OK, we use one of the “thicker” dermal fillers, we use a very fine needle and in a few minutes your nose will look 80-90% better. The treatment costs about $500 depending on how much we need to use and lasts a year or so. It can be topped up, adjusted and even dissolved if needs be (we have never dissolved it because people are so happy with the result). There is no downtime, meaning you can go back to work or play straight after.

Usually we see you again after a few weeks to make a final adjustment and then once a year.

It is such a personal thing. If having more confidence in yourself means a little dermal filler in the nose then why not? We are not changing your appearance or making you look “different”, people most likely wont notice whats happened, just that you look, well, better somehow.

Sure, happiness in life comes from within and we are not suggesting that the way to be happy is by fixing up cosmetic issues, in fact, they are only issues if they exist in your mind, but, looking your best goes a long way to feeling your best, so as long as we keep it real then we are here to help.

Liquid Nose Job Melbourne? Yes, naturally.


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