What makes you look tired?

1/ Shadows under the Eyes

2/ Folds under Mouth corners

3/ Heavy Eyelids

These are the 3 most important things that add tiredness to your face. Feeling tired is one thing and not always optional due to the mad rush of modern life that its so easy to get trapped in. Looking tired is often optional, ie we can help you look less tired by helping you improve and resolve the above three things.

1/ Shadows under the eyes are caused by loss of volume in the tissue in that area which worsens with age. Some families are more prone to it and so it develops earlier in life, late teens early 20’s, while for others its a mid 30’s thing. Our faces lose volume in some areas as we age and gains volume in other area like the jowls or lower cheeks causing sagging.

So, to fix the volume issue, an expert in dermal fillers can place the correct thickness dermal filler into the area with a small needle under local anaesthetic which is surprisingly not painful (because the skin is thin and offers little resistance to the needle, coupled with an experienced gentle hand). The shadow reduction is instant and is a real wow-factor at the time of the treatment, I get the occasional hug from time to time which is nice as people are overwhelmed but the effect. This can cost anywhere from $300-500 and a second treatment to maximise the correction can be done after a few weeks if necessary. The product lasts about a year or so. Treatment takes 5 mins.

Sometimes the actual skin under the eyes is darker, again, family specific and so a fading cream is then prescribed. A laboratory scripted cream is necessary as the over the counter items do very little if anything at all, most people know this now from their own trial failures.

2/ Folds under mouth corners (Marionette Folds, ie puppet like folds)

Well these folds cause shadowing also and make the mouth look sad and also equals tired. Fortunately for you this issue is instantly corrected with the placement of usually a thick dermal filler (thicker than what we use under the eyes). Cost varies due the varying depth of these folds but expect $400-$500 for significant folds and a great result. Fillers last a year to 18 months is this area of done correctly.

3/ Heavy eyelids

Varying from family to family excess skin on the upper eyelid (often caused by volume loss underneath) or drooping of the sides of the forehead (lateral brow) can cause the eyes to close in and a tired look. A quick fix for this is the chemical brow lift with small muscle relaxant injections placed under local or no anaesthetic into the “pull down” muscles around the area. If we relax a “pull down” muscle what do you get???? A pull up of course!!!! The result varies as we rely on your specific muscle anatomy to do the work and yes that varies also from person to person (otherwise we would all look more similar). Cost is $200-$300 and its done 2x/year.

Dermal filler placed above the eyebrow can also lift it a little, but a little is a lot in this area, we only need 2mm of lift to get a real difference, you will look less tired but no-one will know why, except us !

So thats the deal on looking tired with tired eyes and and a tired sad mouth. This is a very very common request from people and something we do in most cases and faces who come in. We all want similar things as people, to look fresh relaxed and natural and the best version of who we are without changing our appearance just enhancing it.


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