Advanced dermal filler uses include the following.

Liquid Nose Jobs, Liquid Chin Jobs and Liquid Facelifts and Cheeks are all the rage.

Its easy to enhance the volume of a facial area or smooth out the contours of your nose.

Basically, the makers of the gels that we have been using for wrinkle treatments for many years have produced thicker gels or liquid implants to be used on a nose job to even out bumps, cheeks to create lifting in the lower face, and chins to correct a “weak” chin.

The clear gels have built-in local anaesthetic and we use a strong topical numbing gel to make the experience almost pain free, its much easier and straightforward that you probably think.

These procedures require at least 6 years injecting experience to perform properly so make sure you go to a reputable medical clinic and not the local beauty salon.

Lasting up to 2 years, it takes 5 mins to give about an 80% improvement in a bumpy nose, the results are amazing and why we didn’t think of it earlier I don’t know.

Its very rewarding to help people in this way. So much can be achieved in so short a time with so little money and effort. Come in and get some advice about your concerns.


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