Price List – Hair Transplant Cost – FUE – FUT


Hair Consultations

  • New Patient Consultations $125 (refunded off the price of a transplant) (no Medicare rebate applicable)
  • Includes extensive documentation and measurements and video microscope examination performed by Dr Paul Spano.

Liquid Gold Microinjections

$470 per session. Derived from you, the liquid is introduced into the skin with a fine injection and / or a micro needling device. Price includes LED therapy same day

LED Light Therapy

$110 per session. Wonderful add-on therapy to thicken hair especially in Women or also used post-transplant.

Hair Transplantation Prices

  • All prices include GST. No Hidden Costs. No Extra Costs.
  • Includes Free Bio-enhancement to improve results and early growth. These products are expensive and only used by the best clinics.

How many grafts do you need ?

  • Hairline and Corners 1400-1600
  • Front Third of Scalp 2400-2800
  • Front Half of Scalp 2800-3400
  • Crowns 800-1000
400 $ 4,054
600 $ 5,556
800 $ 6,941
1000 $ 8,327
1200 $ 9,482
1400 $ 10,637
1600 $ 11,792
1800 $ 12,947
2000 $ 14,102
2200 $ 15,026
2400 $ 15,950
2600 $ 16,759
2800 $ 17,452
3000 $ 18,145
3200 $ 18,670
3400 $ 19,195
3600 $ 19,720
4000 $ 20,245

THE Only clinic in australia with ALL THE LEADING TOOLS

We are the only clinic in Australia to use all three of the world leading FUE tool brands — Cole Instruments, the Harris S.A.F.E System, and the ultra modern Devroye hybrid technology. Having all of the industry leading tools ensures that we can match the best instrument to your hair.


“Unfortunately some women lose their hair and at the same time a lot of self esteem and confidence. This usually occurs at the front and in the middle of the scalp but can occur along the hairline and corners and even the crown. Sometimes this runs in families but it can occur in an unlucky individual. Women can part their hair a little to the side and mask the thinning area for a long while but eventually this becomes very difficult and people can easily recognize the hair loss. Fortunately, the hair loss process can be dramatically slowed-down by medication and clinic natural therapies including LED (light) and Liquid Gold (patient rich plasma) and the hair loss replaced by a procedure. One day spent at the clinic and the hair can be restored if that is what is required. Transplants grow naturally and normally as they are your own hair follicles re-located from the back of the head one by one and placed into the thinning area matching the exact angle and direction of the original hair. This means that as the buried hair follicle (root) regrows, it looks totally natural. It’s a meticulous and artistic process but well worth the lifetime of confidence it brings.”


  • Most experienced Melbourne-based Hair Surgeon. 16 years of transplanting.
  • Dr Paul Spano , your surgeon, does the full consultation with you personally not a salesperson or commission medi-nurse.
  • The consultation involves extensive measurements and documentation answering all of your questions in writing.
  • Many types of transplant and instrument options available for your best results which makes us unique.
  • We never shave the recipient area so return to work is quicker.
  • Expensive Bio-enhanced procedures. Free LED.
  • Excellent non-transplant regrowth and thickening options.
  • Dr Spano has had a transplant and knows how to make it easier for you.


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