PRP Hair Growth Therapy

PRP Hair Growth Therapy and Factor 4 is a chemical-free treatment for hair loss. The treatment helps to stimulate scalp cell repair and hair growth. PRP means Platelet Rich Plasma.

A small amount of blood is taken like a normal blood test. PRP is separated with a centrifuge. The PRP is then placed on the scalp where the hair loss is noticeable and put into the skin with a dermapen micro-needle device or injected with a fine needle. Factor 4 involves incubating and filtering as extra steps resulting in a clear serum with extra Growth Factors. It is usually put into the skin with the dermapen. These treatments take 30 minutes and can be done before, during or after work. Your scalp is only mildly pink afterwards. No Pain. No Downtime.

PRP Hair Growth Therapy can be used as a single treatment solution, or 3 times per year, nourishing the hair follicles, thickening your hair and reducing future hair loss.

A dermapen micro-needle device is used to introduce your PRP or Factor 4 into the skin with no pain and no side effects.

PRP Hair Growth Therapy can be used combined with any other hair loss treatments we offer here at Hair Transplants Melbourne including;

  • Hair Growth Supplements
  • Prescription medications F and M
  • Hair Transplantation (FUE or FUT)
  • Laser Therapy
  • Hair Growth Shampoo


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