Quick Facts On Hair Loss Treatment


Transplants can repair hair loss of the Scalp, Eyebrows, Beard, Sideburns and Scars due to trauma or skin cancer removal or tattoos or any cause.

  • Hair transplants work because only your safe hair roots (follicles) not prone to falling out are moved into the hair loss zone.
  • Hair on the back and sides generally does not fall out so when relocated it remains permanent.
  • Modern hair transplants look completely natural.
  • The process: Have a consultation, decide on medication or transplant or both, have a transplant if that suits, 4 months later the hair will grow, have significant growth in 6 months, full growth by 12-14 months, enjoy the confidence.
  • Over 90% of the transplanted follicles survive and grow forever. 100% Guaranteed.
  • The new hair will grow just as it did from where it came, it can be cut, coloured, permed and styled normally. It’s your healthy hair just relocated from one part of your scalp to another.
  • Genetics is the reason most people lose their hair, not medical conditions.
  • Safe medications can be used to slow down future hair loss and sometimes regrow hair.
  • No prolonged time off work is necessary in most cases, perhaps a day or so.
  • Damaged Eyebrows can be repaired. Eyelashes can be thickened.
  • Hair transplantation is a common procedure.
  • Most people experience only mild discomfort.
  • FUE has No cutting, No stitches, No line scar or post procedure pain.
  • While it’s growing-in it looks totally natural.
  • Normal activities can be resumed after one week and contact sports after 4 weeks.
  • We get excellent growth and results in all patients.
  • Prices include GST and there are no hidden costs. All consultations are free.
  • Dr Paul Spano has had his own hair transplanted so you can see it up close and examine it for yourself.
  • Women lose their hair differently to men but the transplant results are the same or better.

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