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Scar Reduction

All scars can be improved, some dramatically using HTM’s  scar removal treatments.

There are many different types of scars and many different ways to treat them.

Dermal Fillers can smooth out many scars including acne scars fast. See our section on wrinkle and scar filling.

Acne scar filling is instant and very effective.

Dermapen with or without Liquid Gold is effective for smaller acne scars and porous skin and scars and deep creases that can occur anywhere on the face.

THE Only clinic in australia with ALL THE LEADING TOOLS

We are the only clinic in Australia to use all three of the world leading FUE tool brands — Cole Instruments, the Harris S.A.F.E System, and the ultra modern Devroye hybrid technology. Having all of the industry leading tools ensures that we can match the best instrument to your hair.


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