Thread Lifting Melbourne – The Newest Threads

Nobody wants to go under the knife anymore and it’s getting easier and easier to avoid surgery but still get those youthful looks again.

Suture lifting or Thread lifting has been around for a decade or so. It’s a mini face or brow lift by running a needle through the skin under local anaesthetic, dragging behind it a thread with one-way tiny little hooks or cogs on it. These cogs allow the thread to pass only one way under your skin, when we pull it in the other direction it “catches” on the skin and yes, lifts it up. So correctly placed and anchored above we can lift the lower or mid or upper face to reduce heaviness and sagging.

The new Promoitalia Threads are far more advanced than the two types of threads that have gone before (APTOS and Contour). The new threads have more cogs on them and each cog has a forked tongue with double the lifting power. To make things even better they dissolve over 7-10 months leaving behind your own collagen ropes holding everything in place.

Dr Spano can do a suture lift in 45 mins under local anaesthetic in his brand new Moonee Ponds Cosmetic theatre in Melbourne. Typical cost is $4000-$5000 and results last up to  5yrs. “It’s a natural-looking lift, not overdone like the surgeons do, it’s the biggest threat to plastic surgery since wrinkle injections and Dermal Filling.”

Dr Paul Spano.


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