Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is chosen by women and men to reduce problematic, awkward or unwanted hair fast. This is the most popular laser treatment in the world.

Span Aesthetics offers laser hair removal in Melbourne, both our machines are effective and gentle. We have been doing laser hair removal in Melbourne since 1996 and have performed many thousands of treatments.

We are the most experienced laser clinic in Melbourne for laser hair removal. We do not use cheap IPL machines for hair removal because lasers are better.

If you have unwanted hair anywhere on your body, laser hair removal is by far the best solution available to you. The advanced technology of today has been perfected over many years, producing the quickest, cheapest, most effective treatment you’ll find.

And it doesn’t hurt that much either with the advanced Laser Systems we use! We know that you will love the speed and the superb results that Span Aesthetics’s Laser system hair removal delivers.

How does laser hair removal work?

Alexandrite Laser

The Alexandrite laser emits pulses of high-energy light, which pass through the skin and are absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft and follicle. The laser energy heats the follicle and damages the cells that produce hair.

Hair grows in cycles and the actively growing follicles (anagen phase) are the largest and darkest and are affected most by laser. Not all follicles are damaged each time. Treatments are spread out to allow for resting hairs to grow. An initial course of treatment (e.g. 3-5 sessions) is followed by top-up treatments if more reduction is desired.

At some point, the hair will stop responding because it is too thin for the laser and the pigmented follicle is too small to absorb the laser energy. Patients are usually happy at this point, however finer hair may still be present. The number of treatments depends on hair and skin colour, hormone changes, age of the body, family history and medications. Each body responds differently, so we cannot predict the exact outcome in every case.

Traditional hair removal techniques such as shaving, waxing, plucking provide only short-term relief from unwanted hair and all have individual inconveniences. Until the laser treatment was developed, the only method which came close to permanent hair removal was electrolysis – which can be very painful, time-consuming and is limited to small areas.

Laser Hair Removal can treat delicate facial areas, but also large areas such as chests, backs and legs, safely removing unwanted hair without damaging the delicate pores of the skin.

Lasers are quicker, more effective and safer than IPL

Treatment Information

How Long Do Treatments Take?

For example:

  • Upper Lip – 5 mins
  • A full chest or back – 45 mins-1 hour
  • Bikini – 15 mins
  • Lower Leg – 50 mins

Does It Hurt?

It can sting a little but Span Aesthetics uses the Alexandrite laser, which is the most ‘gentle’ on the market and has an energy output that can be adjusted to meet the personal sensitivity of your skin and treats darker skin also.

A local anaesthetic cream is available, if required, for sensitive areas.

What Are The Side Effects?

The skin will be pink and feel warm for up to a few hours in most cases, sometimes a day or so. The pinkness can be easily covered with foundation if necessary. This is all most people experience and normal activities can be resumed.

Occasionally, in darker skin types, small fine crusts can form in a few spots but these fade in a few days by themselves. Darkening or lightening of the skin can occur and is usually mild and transient, typically resolving in several weeks.

How Do I Prepare?

The hair needs to be short on the day of treatment (2mm maximum), to minimise any stubble left behind. Any remaining stubble can be plucked, buffed, clipped or, when it grows a little, waxed.

Some hairs will fall out slowly, others will remain stunted and some will continue to grow at a slower rate. Re-growth can be patchy after the first few treatments as deeper follicles are slower to respond but tends to even out with later treatments.

Avoid waxing, bleaching, plucking or sun-tanning two weeks before your treatment. Use a sunscreen on the area two weeks before treatment if sun exposed. The darker your skin, the more sensitive it will be. Bleaching cream can be used to lighten skin if required.

We will not treat you if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

What Do The Research Results Say?

A survey of our patients revealed:

  • Average number of treatments – 2.9
  • Happy with treatment – 93%
  • Very few / nil side effects – 70%
  • No reduction / change – 3%
  • Hair thinner – 7%
  • Moderate reduction – 41%
  • Significant reduction – 35%
  • Very little regrowth – 14%
  • No side effects – 21%
  • Pinkness – 48%
  • Minor swelling – 14%
  • Minor crusting – 12%
  • Blisters – 2%
  • Pigment change – 3%

Is The Hair Removal Permanent?

Regrowth is thinner and less dense after each Laser Hair Removal. More hair may develop with age and hormone changes. Laser provides long term hair growth suppression, providing excellent results in THINNING and REDUCING hair.

Grey, white, blonde and light red hairs are NOT affected by treatment. Results vary depending on skin colour, hair colour, age, hormones, medication and family history. The thicker the hair, the better the results. We provide Electrolysis hair removal for fair hair at both of our hair removal Melbourne clinics.