Scar Reduction

All scars can be improved, some dramatically using Span Aesthetics’s laser scar removal treatments.

There are many different types of scars and many different ways to treat them.

Dermal Fillers can smooth out many scars including acne scars fast. See our section on wrinkle and scar filling.

Fraxel and IPL are two very different lasers that Span Aesthetics offers for laser scar removal that we can also use depending on how your scar looks.

Fraxel laser treatment

Laser scar removal is emerging as a leading acne scar treatment and scar reduction treatment.

In laser scar reduction, the doctor uses a laser hand piece to remove the scarred skin cells. Fresh skin cells then replace the scarred cells. The procedure is very precise, as a result the doctor can target only the affected skin tissue, leaving unaffected skin alone. This treatment is used to treat a wide range of scars and is particularly effective acne scar removal.

The most advanced and quite simply the best laser treatment for most types of scar. We’re one of very few clinics in Melbourne to offer Fraxel. Acne scars, Breast Implant Scars, Other Surgical Scars and Traumatic Scars can all be treated to reduce their appearance. We programme our Fraxel in a unique way to achieve best results and provide a full scar reduction protocol designed by leading Cosmetic Physician Dr Paul Spano.

Before and After Photos