This Week At Hair Transplants Melbourne

Hi HTM fans. This week at HTM we have done 2 FUT procedures, one 2000 grafts and one 2200 grafts. Both were men aged in their late 20’s. They chose FUT not FUE because they wear their hair long-ish and are not concerned with a fine scar well-hidden by their hair. They also know that the scar can be repaired in the rare instance it is needed quite simply. They both might need a total lifetime grafts count of 3500 , done in two separate procedures probably 3-5 years apart. If over 3000 grafts is taken from the donor area with FUE it can thin out that area significantly and show hair loss there should they cut the hair short. FUT is taken from the centre of the safe zone with skin removal so the hair density is kept normal on either side of a fine scar. FUE is taken out spread over a large area and so not only does it thin the area but there is increased risk that the hair is taken outside the safe zone at larger transplant numbers and so may not survive forever. Food for thought. Come in for a consultation if you want this explained further. 

Best Wishes

The HTM Team