Dermal Filler Wrinkle Reduction

Q. Do you do muscle relaxant or wrinkle relaxant injectables? I have had a treatment before and would like to know what you charge?

A. Thank you for your email enquiry regarding muscle relaxant and dermal filler wrinkle treatments.  For muscle relaxation we use the UK brand of muscle relaxant. In our extensive experience Dr Spano has found this to work quicker, sting less and last longer than the other brands and it has been used worldwide for over 30 years and is the choice of people in the know. Because it lasts longer it works out cheaper for you.

We have a wide range of dermal fillers available, mostly temporary fillers lasting up to 2 years and one permanent filler. We can help you choose which of the many fillers are best suited to your needs.

Achieving beautiful and natural facial balance is an art requiring not only natural skill but extensive experience over many years and this is hard to find in Melbourne. While it’s easy to find cheap wrinkle treatment around Melbourne, to look great you need to find someone with at least 6 years experience.

Our Nurses and Doctors do our antiwrinkle injectable and dermal filler treatments and are all highly qualified with much experience having worked in the Cosmetic industry for many years.

UK muscle relaxant is $14/unit and generally works out to be around $300/area however this can vary depending on how much wrinkle treatment product is required.

As little as $300 of product expertly placed around the upper face will soften your look and not be obvious to your friends.

We use a strong numbing cream and a tiny needle so you won’t be bothered by this. People with needle phobia still come in for treatment!

We have a consultation fee of $50 with our Nurses and this is fully redeemable off your first treatment.  This is not applicable if you choose to have treatment on the day, in which case you will only pay for the treatment provided.

I hope this has been helpful and please contact our rooms at your earliest convenience to organise an appointment for either consultation or treatment.o organise an appointment for either consultation or treatment.


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