Hair Transplants Melbourne

  “Only Dr Spano uses 3 types of FUE extraction tools to get the best grafts out of your donor” WHO ARE WE? Dr Paul Spano has 14 years personal FUE and FUT experience. Most experienced Melbourne doctor. We are not a chain clinic we are a Private and Discreet Melbourne-only prestige clinic. WHO DESIGNS THE HAIRLINE? Dr Spano is an expert at natural hairline design and does all of the work himself with you. He will draw the hair design with you so you know exactly what you are getting. WHAT MICRO FUE INSTRUMENTS DO WE USE?We use three types: Cole, Harris and the newest Devroye instruments matching the BEST instrument for your hair, not just one type. This sets us apart from other clinics as we can get the best from your donor area.WHO DOES THE WORK? Dr Spano personally performs all of the crucial elements of your transplant throughout the whole day and is assisted by expert doctors and technicians who perform some repetitive tasks. The Spano technique has the best person doing each task with Dr Spano for the best results.WHY HAVE MICRO FUE?

Those who want to wear short hair and have a rapid easy recovery have FUE with the Spano technique using three different micro extraction instruments.
“This is also the only clinic who implant the hairs in 3 different ways to suit your particular hair needs for best results”
It takes many years to have the correct judgement to create an excellent result, don’t risk your precious donor hair in inexperienced hands. For this life-changing decision see the most experienced Melbourne Hair Transplant Doctor. Be informed with ALL of the transplant and instrument options.
Call 93701917 and find out what you need to get the confidence back.


Hairlines and Corners 1200 ($9482) Front third of scalp 1800 ($12947) Front half 2600 ($16759), Crowns 800 ($6941). Varies depending on your exact donor quality which we measure under a video-microscope for accuracy. Bioenhanced Micro FUE with Hypothermasol and ATP for fast growth.


Dr. Spano’s expertise in Female and Male  hair loss repair and micro FUE  is well known. Dr Spano does both FUE and FUT meaning you get the procedure that suits you. “Be sure you consult a Doctor with over 14 years actual personal transplant experience who does more than one type of transplant so you know you’re in the right hands.” Dr Spano is a Past Fellow of the Aust. College of Cosmetic Surgery and Fellow and Past Secretary and Board Member of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Aust. and a Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

My hair has been transplanted. My personal experience with hair loss and its repair puts me in the best position to help you. I know how everything actually feels and can guide you through the process and make it as easy as possible. Come in for the most down to earth honest consultation in Melbourne.


(03) 9370 1917

281 Moreland Rd, Coburg.  3058. Next to the John Fawkner Hospital. Parking Onsite.



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