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YES. Dr Paul Spano has been a Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons since 2006


YES. Dr Paul Spano is a current Fellow and Committee Member of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia.

Transparency ?

YES. Our price list is fully visible to everyone on this site


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Dr Paul Spano is Melbourne’s go-to Hair Restoration Doctor.

Would you like the confidence that comes with restoring your hair ?

Perhaps its forehead lowering or re-shaping that’s on your mind ?

Many people try unproven remedies and waste time and lose more hair when they could get onto treatments that really work.

Our Transplant recipients receive 12 months unlimited growth light therapy and free review consultations anytime.

Private and Discreet.

100% Permanent

100% Natural

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“More 5 star reviews than any other Hair Clinic.”

World-Class Results

Liquid Hair

Is FUE or FUT better for me?

Modern FUT scars can barely be seen. We can do the procedure that is suited to you.

Women don’t want to shave their heads and often choose NEW Micro FUT.

Have the CHOICE and discuss the options before making a decision.

The Same hair transplant cost for FUE and FUT.

What FUE instruments do we use?

For Micro FUE we use Cole and other instruments matching the best tools for your personal hair, not just one system. This will give you the best result and fastest recovery.

The human eye and judgement makes a natural result, not a machine.

It all comes down to the years of experience of the doctor to help you the best.

How experienced does my doctor need to be?

It takes years to have the judgement to create an excellent result, don’t risk your limited donor hair in inexperienced hands.

Don’t be lured by new gadgets or robots. Nothing is better than the hand-crafted human experience.

For this important life-changing decision see the most experienced Melbourne Hair Transplant Doctors.