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Hair Transplants Melbourne – the best in the business

Consult with the doctor, not a 
sales consultant or nurse.

4000 Grafts (8000 Hairs) 
completed by 6 PM.

Non-shaving options

Hand crafted and artistic for
the very best. Not robotic.

Most experienced in Victoria.

We offer exquisite female
hairline reconstructions.

Shorter procedure times for better results

Only clinic in Australia to use multiple MICRO FUE extraction techniques and the new “Placer” tools which protect the grafts. Minimally invasive. Fast recovery. No robots, there is nothing as good as hand-crafted.

  • MICRO FUE at its best
  • Above 95% growth
  • We match the right tools to your hair

2 Doctors are faster and better than 1 robot. 5 Extraction and 5 Implant techniques to customize the procedure just for you.

Experience and privacy

  • Consult with the person actually doing your procedure
  • 100% Natural Designs
  • Guaranteed 95% growth every time

Only Melbourne hair doctor with over 18 years personal experience in MICRO FUE and MICRO FUT. Melbourne University doctor and Private doctor. Own clinic – full service hair regrowth and restoration.

Minimal downtime. Minimal discomfort. Shorter proceduretime. Bio-enhanced for rapid growth. Human to human, no robots.

“My results were superb, Dr Spano is the master craftsman of hair in Melbourne” Dr. John

“More 5 star reviews than any other Hair Clinic.”

Free email quotes and advice

In order for the doctor to perform a pre-assessment, we require you to upload clear photographs.

With any face photographs, please ensure your face is free from make up and your hair is back koff your face in all photos.

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        Patient cases

        • FUE method.
        • 2,400 grafts.
        • Male. Norwood Pattern 2.
        • 9 months after treatment.
        FUE Transplant Melbourne, patient 2C before & after procedure
        • Male. Moustache gap from birth.
        • Micro FUE 119 grafts.
        • 7 days post op.
        • Notice the precision of the planting with the curve of the hairs perfectly done by Dr Paul Spano.
        FUE hair transplant, DHI transplant Melbourne, Moustache hair transplant
        • Female. Hair transplant.
        • 1800 FUT
        • We chose FUT because women don’t want to shave the back of the head.
        • We could have done this in three smaller FUE semi-shaven sessions.
        Female Hair Transplant hairline lowering eyebrows
        • Female. Hair transplant.
        • 1800 FUT
        • We chose FUT because women don’t want to shave the back of the head.
        • We could have done this in three smaller FUE semi-shavensessions.
        FUE Transplant Melbourne, clinic patient before & after the procedure, left side view
        • Male. Hair transplant.
        • FUT 3182 grafts.
        Hair Transplants Melbourne, patient 11 before & after hair transplant surgery

        World class hair restoration

        Special unique fine FUE

        Liquid Hair

        FAQs – your questions antswered

        Is FUE or FUT better for me?

        Modern FUT scars can barely be seen.Don’t be swayed by new inexperienced chain clinics that are not doctor owned that can’t do FUT and only offer one type of FUE (only DHI – the cheap entry level type of transplant.) We do Micro FUE(several types to suit your hair anatomy).

        We do both and can do what is best for YOU.

        Women don’t want to shave their headsand often choose NEW Micro FUT with tiny scarring.

        Have the CHOICE and discuss the options before making a decision. Our examination and measurement process is extensive with video microscopy at your consultationwith your surgeon Dr. Spano.

        Get the procedure that will give YOU thebest result not just the one type that thecheap chain clinic does.

        Why have FUT?

        If you are very bald and need a large transplants with a top up.

        If you are female and have long hair and don’t want to shave your head.

        If you need 3000 or more grafts (6000+ hairs)in one day. Because too much FUE thins out and creates baldness at the back and sides.

        We see many bald patches at the back andsides from bad work done overseas.

        People who go to clinics that only do FUE are often talked into getting FUE for the wrong reasons e.g. women, and men who are older.

        We do both FUE and FUT, so with the up-to-date, correct facts, you can decidewhich is best for you.

        How experienced does my doctor need to be?

        It takes many years to have the correctjudgement to create an excellent result and manage your current hair loss and future requirements, don’t risk your precious limited donor hair in inexperienced hands.

        Don’t be fooled by inexperienced clinics with newgadgets or robots. There is nothing better than the hand-crafted, natural human experience.

        For this important life-changing decision see the most experienced Melbourne Hair Transplant Doctor.

        Make an informed decision with all of the transplant and instrument options available.

        Why have FUE?

        If you need 2800 grafts(5600 hairs) or less in one day.

        If you want to wear short hair back and sides in future.

        If you want a rapid recovery withminimal discomfort.

        If you want the most popular transplant procedure.

        What FUE instruments do we use?

        For MicroFUE we use Cole, Devroye and many other instruments matching the besttools for your personal hair, not just onesystem. This will give you the best resultand fastest recovery.

        The human eye and judgement makesa natural result, not a machine.

        It all comes down to the years of experienceof the Dr to help you the best.

        How many grafts do I need?

        Hairlines and Corners:
        1400-2000 grafts (2800-4000 hairs).

        Front third of scalp:
        2400-2600 grafts (4800-5200 hairs).

        Front half:
        2800-3200 grafts (5600-6400 hairs).

        1000-1800 grafts (2000-3600 hairs).

        All of these can be done in one day

        See full pricing table here

        “The only clinic who transplant in many different ways to suit your particular hair character.
        My results were amazing.”

        “Be sure you consult a Doctor with over 17 years personal transplant experience who does more than one type of transplant, so you know you’re in the right hands.”