Dermal Filler Wrinkle Reduction

Q. Do you do muscle relaxant or wrinkle relaxant injectables? I have had a treatment before and would like to know what you charge?

A. Thank you for your email enquiry regarding muscle relaxant and dermal filler wrinkle treatments.  For muscle relaxation we use the UK brand of muscle relaxant. In our extensive experience Dr Spano has found this to work quicker, sting less and last longer than the other brands and it has been used worldwide for over 30 years and is the choice of people in the know. Because it lasts longer it works out cheaper for you.

We have a wide range of dermal fillers available, mostly temporary fillers lasting up to 2 years and one permanent filler. We can help you choose which of the many fillers are best suited to your needs.

Achieving beautiful and natural facial balance is an art requiring not only natural skill but extensive experience over many years and this is hard to find in Melbourne. While it’s easy to find cheap wrinkle treatment around Melbourne, to look great you need to find someone with at least 6 years experience.

Our Nurses and Doctors do our antiwrinkle injectable and dermal filler treatments and are all highly qualified with much experience having worked in the Cosmetic industry for many years.

UK muscle relaxant is $14/unit and generally works out to be around $300/area however this can vary depending on how much wrinkle treatment product is required.

As little as $300 of product expertly placed around the upper face will soften your look and not be obvious to your friends.

We use a strong numbing cream and a tiny needle so you won’t be bothered by this. People with needle phobia still come in for treatment!

We have a consultation fee of $50 with our Nurses and this is fully redeemable off your first treatment.  This is not applicable if you choose to have treatment on the day, in which case you will only pay for the treatment provided.

I hope this has been helpful and please contact our rooms at your earliest convenience to organise an appointment for either consultation or treatment.o organise an appointment for either consultation or treatment.

Nobody wants to go under the knife anymore and it’s getting easier and easier to avoid surgery but still get those youthful looks again.

Suture lifting or Thread lifting has been around for a decade or so. It’s a mini face or brow lift by running a needle through the skin under local anaesthetic, dragging behind it a thread with one-way tiny little hooks or cogs on it. These cogs allow the thread to pass only one way under your skin, when we pull it in the other direction it “catches” on the skin and yes, lifts it up. So correctly placed and anchored above we can lift the lower or mid or upper face to reduce heaviness and sagging.

The new Promoitalia Threads are far more advanced than the two types of threads that have gone before (APTOS and Contour). The new threads have more cogs on them and each cog has a forked tongue with double the lifting power. To make things even better they dissolve over 7-10 months leaving behind your own collagen ropes holding everything in place.

Dr Spano can do a suture lift in 45 mins under local anaesthetic in his brand new Moonee Ponds Cosmetic theatre in Melbourne. Typical cost is $4000-$5000 and results last up to  5yrs. “It’s a natural-looking lift, not overdone like the surgeons do, it’s the biggest threat to plastic surgery since wrinkle injections and Dermal Filling.”

Dr Paul Spano.

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Plasma PRP refers to Platelet Rich Plasma. Why are Platelets important ? Its because inside them are granules packed with all sorts of growth factors which tell the skin to make new collagen and elastin and blood vessels and nerve fibres and support material ( NASHA , yes the stuff that dermal fillers are mostly made of).

So when we put PRP back into your tired or old skin it gets cracking repairing and rejuvenating itself.

At Span Aesthetics, the injecting Dr and Nurses place the PRP into the surface of the skin and in the deeper layers to stimulate the whole skin, not just a part of it. We have pioneered elements of this technique are getting great results from it especially under the eyes and on the face neck and hands.

PRP is not an alternative to dermal fillers or microdermabrasion, its effects are different to Fraxel Laser and
IPL. PRP makes the skin glow and become smoother and basically more youthfull.

Plasma PRP Melbourne is totally ORGANIC. It is extracted from you like a blood test, then the red and white cells are removed by spinning the blood in a centrifuge. The plasma is then just reinjected with the tiniest needle into exactly the area you want made younger. Over the first 3 days after the injection the granules release your growth factors into the surrounding skin and the process of renewal begins. Our experience tells us that you need 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. People in poor health like heavy smokers will not respond well as the poisons in their bodies suppress new tissue growth and repair.

PRP can be combined with Fraxel Laser, Chemical Peels or microdermabrasion to create even more amazing skin, but is a stand alone totally natural way getting revitalised refreshed and renewed skin.

Advanced dermal filler uses include the following.

Liquid Nose Jobs, Liquid Chin Jobs and Liquid Facelifts and Cheeks are all the rage.

Its easy to enhance the volume of a facial area or smooth out the contours of your nose.

Basically, the makers of the gels that we have been using for wrinkle treatments for many years have produced thicker gels or liquid implants to be used on a nose job to even out bumps, cheeks to create lifting in the lower face, and chins to correct a “weak” chin.

The clear gels have built-in local anaesthetic and we use a strong topical numbing gel to make the experience almost pain free, its much easier and straightforward that you probably think.

These procedures require at least 6 years injecting experience to perform properly so make sure you go to a reputable medical clinic and not the local beauty salon.

Lasting up to 2 years, it takes 5 mins to give about an 80% improvement in a bumpy nose, the results are amazing and why we didn’t think of it earlier I don’t know.

Its very rewarding to help people in this way. So much can be achieved in so short a time with so little money and effort. Come in and get some advice about your concerns.

What makes you look tired?

1/ Shadows under the Eyes

2/ Folds under Mouth corners

3/ Heavy Eyelids

These are the 3 most important things that add tiredness to your face. Feeling tired is one thing and not always optional due to the mad rush of modern life that its so easy to get trapped in. Looking tired is often optional, ie we can help you look less tired by helping you improve and resolve the above three things.

1/ Shadows under the eyes are caused by loss of volume in the tissue in that area which worsens with age. Some families are more prone to it and so it develops earlier in life, late teens early 20’s, while for others its a mid 30’s thing. Our faces lose volume in some areas as we age and gains volume in other area like the jowls or lower cheeks causing sagging.

So, to fix the volume issue, an expert in dermal fillers can place the correct thickness dermal filler into the area with a small needle under local anaesthetic which is surprisingly not painful (because the skin is thin and offers little resistance to the needle, coupled with an experienced gentle hand). The shadow reduction is instant and is a real wow-factor at the time of the treatment, I get the occasional hug from time to time which is nice as people are overwhelmed but the effect. This can cost anywhere from $300-500 and a second treatment to maximise the correction can be done after a few weeks if necessary. The product lasts about a year or so. Treatment takes 5 mins.

Sometimes the actual skin under the eyes is darker, again, family specific and so a fading cream is then prescribed. A laboratory scripted cream is necessary as the over the counter items do very little if anything at all, most people know this now from their own trial failures.

2/ Folds under mouth corners (Marionette Folds, ie puppet like folds)

Well these folds cause shadowing also and make the mouth look sad and also equals tired. Fortunately for you this issue is instantly corrected with the placement of usually a thick dermal filler (thicker than what we use under the eyes). Cost varies due the varying depth of these folds but expect $400-$500 for significant folds and a great result. Fillers last a year to 18 months is this area of done correctly.

3/ Heavy eyelids

Varying from family to family excess skin on the upper eyelid (often caused by volume loss underneath) or drooping of the sides of the forehead (lateral brow) can cause the eyes to close in and a tired look. A quick fix for this is the chemical brow lift with small muscle relaxant injections placed under local or no anaesthetic into the “pull down” muscles around the area. If we relax a “pull down” muscle what do you get???? A pull up of course!!!! The result varies as we rely on your specific muscle anatomy to do the work and yes that varies also from person to person (otherwise we would all look more similar). Cost is $200-$300 and its done 2x/year.

Dermal filler placed above the eyebrow can also lift it a little, but a little is a lot in this area, we only need 2mm of lift to get a real difference, you will look less tired but no-one will know why, except us !

So thats the deal on looking tired with tired eyes and and a tired sad mouth. This is a very very common request from people and something we do in most cases and faces who come in. We all want similar things as people, to look fresh relaxed and natural and the best version of who we are without changing our appearance just enhancing it.